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    TA scanning

    Hi everyone I am trying to find which software is better for TA scanning Metastock or AIQ. I want to do some TA scans ( from Tony Oz's book). Most of these scans are based on price (High of day), volume, Bollinger band etc. for example one of the scan is find all share where price is...
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    Glossary of new stock market terms & definitions

    Glossary of new stock market terms & definitions The decline of stock markets around the world has redefined the investment environment. To reflect these changes, here is a glossary of the most-used terms and their new definitions. Momentum Investing The fine art of buying high and...
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    Motley Fool - Why People lose Money in the Stock Market

    found this interesting post Sukhi ********************************************* Many people have lost an awful lot of money in the past twelve months. Why? They didn't do sufficient planning before deciding to enter the stock market. They didn't appreciate the rules of the game. Consequently...
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    Four-year-old beats City dealer in share prediction

    check this out sukhi
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    Books For Sale

    I got some books for sale. Three of these are ONLY available in USA. 1. Stock Trading Wizard : Advanced Short-Term Trading Strategies By Tony Oz Amazon Price - US $ 86.40 SALE PRICE - £ 50.00 Read Review...
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    Indices Prices

    Is there any free site where I can get OHLC for FTSE indices for the last 6 months ?? Thanks Sukhi
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    Stock Screening

    Is there a UK site to filter shares based on your own criteria ? I found that there are few in US where you can filter based on your own filters rather than fixed filteres ( top gainers, top losers or top volume) For exmaple I want to use the following filters Volume of Today is greater than...
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    SHARKY - New Site

    Sharky Can you check this site before I add it to TA sites ? Market commentary from Experts (US Market) even from John Murphy. Sukhi
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    Just to let you know about the FREE MICROTRADER SEMINAR, which is taking place on Saturday 10th February 2001 at the Yew Lodge Hotel, Packington Hill, KEGWORTH, just off the M1 motorway in the East Midlands. Register for a FREE ticket, at Sukhi
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    Book by Tony Oz

    Has anyone read this book ? Stock Trader by Tony Oz Sukhi
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    F.A.O. Chartman/Martin

    Hi Martin Can you back test this strategy using AIQ? 1. UK market gives an ER Up rating of 95 or more in last 10 days. 2. Group trend score is greater than 98 3. Share Ticker ER Up is 95 or above within last 5 days 4. Share P-Vol is higher than yesterday and today's P-Vol is higher than its...
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    TA Training Course

    can someone recommend good TA course?? Thanks Sukhi
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    Need Opinion on AIQ vs Omnitrader ( from Dr Iraj )

    Hi Doc As I understand from various people on this BB that you use AIQ & Omnitrader. Which one would you recommend and why? I need your opinion regarding this. Thanks Sukhi