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    Parents just won't get it

    Ever since I've come home for good from university, I've had a lot of free time on my hands. I have constantly used this free time to study for and work on my trading skills, especially intra-day trading. However my parents are really struggling to see where I'm coming from, they just see a...
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    Is it legal to work for more than one prop firm?

    ^in the UK is this a thing? if it's allowed I find it very attractive
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    I want to be, the very best, like no one ever was

    Hello everyone. I wrote a journal on this site over a year ago, however my trading was quite a mess and my analysis lacked follow through. Since then I have not given up and have been studying the charts every day, determined to become one of the best. :thumbsup: ABOUT ME - Unemployed...
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    From loss to loss.... now time for profit?

    Profile I am a 19 year old student that has been trading demo/live for around 6 months now. Like most beginners I thought I was ready to jump from demo to live way too soon, and several account deposits later and £1000 poorer I almost gave up. But I refuse to be beaten and lose that money for...
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    should I stay in this trade?

    bought into this trade on the close of thursday's trading session, after a bullish pin bar had formed. But today the stock took a dive with little buying power. my stop loss is currently below the low of the pin bar, should i exit this trade prematurely due to excessive selling?
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    is a bullish pin bar still bullish if it is red and not green?

    is a bullish pin bar still bullish if it is red and not green? the stock I'm watching (BMW) closed today with a bullish pin bar on the upward trend line, trouble is it is red and not green. is the probability of it rising further still quite strong? :o
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    long Airbus entry question

    any advice on this: Airbus is on my watch list, looking to enter on the pullback, strong up trend. debating to enter when it pulls back to the 56.24 level or to wait until it meets the trend line (through 30thDec to 24thfeb). I have a feeling waiting for the trend line would be a higher...
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    Down to £100.....let's do this

    I am a 19 year old student who has recently had half of his equity consumed by the market due to several poor hasty decisions and risks. I know £100 is a measly sum to trade with, but the same ideas apply. Trading only stocks at the moment (sometimes gold). Usually on the daily charts. My...