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  1. Quantt

    Thassos Greece?

    Going to Europe soon for about a month and plan to go to Thassos Greece for a week or two, so I am looking for recommendations or advice... Thanks!
  2. Quantt

    TRADE ALERT: just LOADED on Bitcoin on the dip and will HODL forever!!!

    Happy April Fool's Day Everyone!!! :lol:
  3. Quantt

    Cryptokitties anyone?

    This man has made more money trading cryptokitties than investing in his IRA
  4. Quantt

    Quantt’s betting journal

    Quantt’s betting journal As traders, our job is to find inefficiencies and bet against them with the edge in our favor, after that, its the compounding game that will make us the real money... Listening all day to the sports radio and being a bit bored lately I started looking into betting on...
  5. Quantt

    Sports betting anyone

    Lately, I am being bored and I looking for some way to monetize my hobbies... Anyway, being in Canada and listening to sports radio all day, I am thinking about betting on NHL games... But I don't want to turn it to another job, e.g. spending time and effort to research all the time... I guess...
  6. Quantt

    Lock older Threads after no more posts for several months?

    How about this idea, can you gals/guys think about locking older threads so no more posting will be allowed? Maybe if no one is posting for a let's say 3 months or whatever... It is getting confused when people are answering to someone posting a question 10 years ago... And if the topic is...
  7. Quantt

    Cryptocurrencies: scams and skullduggery

    Warning Signs About Another Giant Bitcoin Exchange
  8. Quantt

    Jason Bond exposed at fake Harvard Business School speech :-)

    It is very funny, but unfortunately a lot of people are failing for this charlatan... “Veritas In Negotio” :-)