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    How significant are the Catalan elections to the Ibex 35?

    I noticed no Indices broker has cautioned against potential volatility because of the Catalan elections on 21st December (like they often do for other elections). Neither have there been any margin/leverage changes to the Ibex 35 index imposed by trading brokers. Does this indicate that the...
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    Working out Lot sizes for Stock Indices

    I am trying to work out how leverage for Lots works in Indices trading. It doesn’t seem to be as straight forward as it is for forex. For example, the cost of one Lot of Spain’s Ibex35 index is different to that of one Lot of the German Dax. This gets particularly confusing on the MT4. When...
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    Under what circumstances might Euro weaken after the German elections?

    Hi. I was wondering – under what circumstances people thought the Euro might weaken after the upcoming German Federal Elections on September 24th? Of course, it would appear Merkel’s victory seems to be a foregone conclusion. But outside of the fairly clear certainties that Merkel’s CDU will...
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    BoE Interest rate decison

    There seems to be a high probability that the UK will raise interest rates at tomorrows BoE meeting. What might the different outcomes mean for GBP? In particular, what does it mean if rates are held? Would we expect GBP to react bullishly to this? and has a .25% cut already been priced in...
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    Best way to hedge the pound?

    I want to hedge against any additional losses in value to the pound sterling. This is not so much a trading strategy so I can make significant profit, it's more to protect my savings from additional depreciation (all my savings are in GBP and I live in the UK). Given the current economic...
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    BoE financial stability report (July 5th) -significance?

    I have been reading that the BoE Financial stability report due to be released tomorrow could include measures to help banks free up capital and keep loans flowing to businesses and households. How significant would this be in impacting GBP in the current post-Brexit climate? Thanks!
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    Why hasn't GBP dropped more after Carney saying BoE interest rates likely to drop?

    After Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney said on Thursday that UK interest rates will likely be cut in coming months, the pound dropped in value immediately. But it seems to have bounced back to the levels similar to before that statement was released (GBP/USD was about 1.34 before the BoE...
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    Calculating cost of spread in a trade

    Hi, Is there an easy way to calculate the cost of bid ask spread within a trade? And is the bid ask spread applied to each unit of currency, or to each lot within a trade? Thanks. Read more:
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    Hedging strategy for EU Referendum trade?

    I have been reading a little about hedging strategies. One that seems to have received some criticism is the “buy/sell” strategy of going short on the same pair you are going long on (or vice versa). I realise you would be paying double on the spread if you do this, but might it work as a...
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    Advantages of trading forex via a company?

    I have been researching forex and am thinking of trading via a Ltd company. I understand that as a UK resident this is more advantageous in terms of tax, as I could draw dividends after paying corporation tax on any profits. Any possible downsides? I am thinking of opening up a trading...
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    Questions to ask broker to determine if they are ECN?

    Hi, There may well be a thread on this already but I didn't see it. I was wondering what questions I should asking brokers to determine whether they are genuinely ECN brokers or not? So many seem to say they are ECN brokers, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to confirm which genuinely...
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    Guaranteed stop loss?

    Hi, I was wondering, are guaranteed stop losses only available on spread betting platforms? I'd read a lot about the importance of stop-losses, but also that there is always a risk of slippage. I'm not quite sure how a guaranteed stop loss could in practise be completely guaranteed, nor how...
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    Forex trade on the back of Brexit referendum results?

    Hi, I am new to forex trading so I wanted some advice on how one would take advantage of trading on the back of major political events – like the results of the upcoming referendum on whether Britain remains in or out of the EU. It would seem like whichever way the referendum results go, it...