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  1. Commodity_Trader

    how to build a trading screen

    i want to connect two laptops and use one of them as extended screen of primary one ,any one knows how to do that ? regards
  2. Commodity_Trader

    any university researched based course on technical analysis ?

    Do u know any university with a masters /phd or " research degree" on technical analysis ? (across usa/ canada/ australia / uk....etc) i have searched many finance departments , but there is only these topics :financial mathematics and computational finance & financial engineering which all...
  3. Commodity_Trader

    does downgrading to lower timeframes leads to much more profits ?

    as we know , the most successful traders have 40 % or less profits on a year.and most of them trade on h1 /h4/ daily if someone have an edge and trades that system on 5 minute timeframe (say 10 trades on average in a day on 6 trading instruments), theorically he has much more...
  4. Commodity_Trader

    trading psychology is similiar to hunting girls

    in my experience, trading is just like stating to speak with a stranger girl : you should prepare yourself to hear answer "no" and you should prepare yourself to be rejected by them .when i make a proposal for dating maybe 8 out of 10 girls may tell me " no" and only 2 out of ten may say "yes"...