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  1. Dinos

    A Challenge to "Enlightened Joe

    Mr “Bigshot”, Enlightened Joe had the tenacity to basically call me a fraud, simply because I challenged him regarding why he was so arrogant and big headed on a traders thread and then went on to take a short trade in a very clearly ascending market which saw his trade -200 pips off mark, a...
  2. Dinos

    Just a Journal (win or lose)

    I proposed to start a thread in 2015 when FoMo was around, however, business commitments outside the trading arena contributed to me being unable to get it off the ground, I’ve adapted the format to reflect my current trading activities, which cover FX, Indices and Brent Crude. I’m certainly...
  3. Dinos

    Help needed -"blue screen of death"

    Hi all, Can I ask any of you IT "boffins" for a bit of advise, I acquired the "Blue Screen of death", I understand, this was a bad patch by Microsoft. I've tried as much as I know and there has being a marked improvement, but it still goes at the most inopportune times, I've had to turn off...
  4. Dinos

    EU Referendum

    This topic is the story of the moment, a local poll in my home town, indicated 64% intended voting for the BREXIT, just be interesting to see how we traders intend voting.
  5. Dinos

    Definitely not a MASTERCLASS but good (HONEST) trading

    Hi all, just passing through. I’m certainly no expert, and will never profess to be one; I have a trading plan, I trade the plan per say, my trust in its ability to deliver the rewards implicit. For a short period only, I will be recording a journal of my CAC trading on here, not for any...
  6. Dinos

    Its Goodbye from me

    I've being around on T2W since 2003, of late I found most the forums I visit have become nothing more than a ground for slanging matches, arguement and counter arguement, with nothing constructive coming from them, for me anyway. Friday 20th March will be my last day visiting this site, for...
  7. Dinos

    What consitutes a "LIVE TRADING CALL"

    Not everybody wants to or is even interested in making a live call and I respect any individual decision who prefers not to. However, I have a major issue, with traders, who mark them themselves up a expert traders and provide fuzzy edged areas were a trade will be taken and some time after...
  8. Dinos

    Trading the DAX

    If your an experienced DAX trader or a newbie wanting to start, but haven't taken the plunge yet, then join me here, everybody is welcome, swing traders, day traders and scalpers alike. I'd like the thread to be fun and informative, where experienced traders and newbies alike can discuss...
  9. Dinos

    Time Specific Momentum Day Trading

  10. Dinos

    For One Week Only

    Guys (and Gals) Swore I'd never do this, open a journal. The reason I have is, for my benefit only, I have being working on a new set up to trade the FTSE index. No matter how much back testing and analysing I do, I think the best way forward is live testing the set up, with calls for 1 week...
  11. Dinos

    Registered Users

    Just a thought, not much to do with trading, this sites states there are 186,936 current registered users, this imho doesn't reflect the true level of current active traders and perhaps maybe misleading to propestive traders. I for one would prefer to see the site owners review this figure, and...
  12. Dinos

    Nike - stock to surge on advert???????

    Got your attention?, for the males amongst us... enjoy,( you'll have to increase the size of the image for max input) for the females, no offence intended, hehe. Now get yourselves back to work!!!!.
  13. Dinos

    Defining the Trend

    Hi Much has been said about "trading the Trend", but how do we define the trend. For me, I'm predominantly a short term position trader, but I do day trade as well. I define the trend initially, weekly, daily, hourly and trade off the 15. The charts clearly idenfity major S&R, Fib levels...
  14. Dinos

    Daily CAC 40

    Hello, some of you will already know me from the DOW & DAX threads, I'm predominantly a short term or position trader, (which ever way you prefer to term it). I trade this index off the hourly charts and it is proving to be a nice "cash cow" whilst I day trade other indices. I'm just trying to...