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    Trading Dreams

    Last night I put a lulzy post on the IGIndex thread .... then I had a dream that I'd been banned from T2W and taken to court for defaming IGIndex! Ok, I need to get out more. But this got me thinking, has anyone else had any trading related dreams? And perhaps something they've then acted...
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    4 books, best offer over £1 gets them!

    I've been trying to shift these on ebay but no luck. Now I need the shelf space. Best offer over £1 by the end of this week (Sunday 20th March) gets them! Very serious offer. I just ask for paypal payment. Once payment is cleared, send me your address and I will post them. They are worth...
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    Books for Sale

    Couple of days left on these if anyone wants to grab a bargain : How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market 25 Investment Classics Techniques of Tape Reading Principles of Professional Speculation
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    Why do you trade?

    The girl I'm seeing at the moment asked the question over a bottle of wine : "Where's the enjoyment of watching a green and a red candle go up and down on a screen?" I really struggled to give an answer to make her see where I was coming from. Same with others I've had this dicussion with...
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    Books for Sale - Paulie's having a clearout !

    For Sale The Naked Trader - Robbie Burns - Good condition The Naked Trader 2 - Robbie Burns - Excellent Condition Techniques of Tape Reading - Graifer and Schmacher - Excellent condition - no dust cover Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis - Thomsett - Excellent condition Methods of a...
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    Think or Swim / Think on Demand

    Has anyone used thinkorswim's 'Think onDemand' ? It has been briefly mentioned by pmccandless (although he doesn't use it himself) - As I understand, it's a new tool devised by thinkorswim where you can 'replay' the market from any time and trade it exactly as if it were in realtime. This...
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    Physical Oil Trading

    I'd be interested to hear from anybody on these boards who is in the shipping industry - particularly anyone who is a physical oil trader. I used to work as a shipbroker a few years back. My two main accounts were Mercuria and Litasco ... and I made a bit of headway with some of the majors - in...
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    Why the obsession ?

    What is this obsession with wanting to know other people's PnL ?? I just don't get it and as soon as I see or hear somebody asking the question, it really annoys me. You wouldn't pay for your shopping in Sainsburys then turn round to the cashier and say "oh by the way, how much do you get paid...
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    Is this possible ... ?

    Is this possible ... ? I'm looking to try out a few different European markets. I am currently able to demo- trade the markets using my Ninjatrader sim. (I use eSignal as my charting). No problem there. But I want to be able to demo trade in exactly the same way, but do this in the evenings...
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    Visible PnL ?

    When I started off as a trader, I worked in an office with a guy who was pretty successful. He wasn't making huge sums, but he'd only been trading for a couple of years and was already consistently profitable. He sat there and traded, never showing any emotion. You could never tell whether he...
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    Books for Sale

    Paulie's having a clearout !! The Disciplined Trader - Mark Douglas Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets - J Murphy Day Trading the Currency Market - Kathy Lien Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar - Al Brooks Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques -...
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    Any traders in Osaka, Japan ?

    Hi all, I'm moving to Osaka next month - are there any traders out there who fancy meeting up ? Send me a PM ! Cheers Paulie
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    Nikkei Futures

    I'm moving out to Japan very soon and want to look into trading Nikkei Futures when I get there. As I understand Nikkei futures can be traded on : - SIMEX - Osaka Securities exchange - CME Please could somebody explain the difference between the exchanges in terms of liquidity, tick value...
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    Trading the bounce/ fading

    Please could anybody point me in the direction of some reading on trading bounces and fading ? (websites, links, books - anything) Until recently, I've only ever traded using the close of candles as my entry criteria. I've started looking at trading bounces to add to my 'trading arsenal' and I...
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    How long did it take you to become consistently profitable ?

    There are endless threads from people asking : "how many pips does a professional make each month?" "Is it possible to make 1000 pips a month?" "How much can I expect to make from trading?" These (quite rightly) end up in a heated discussion about the relevance (or rather irrelevance) of...
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    Wanted : "Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar - Al Brooks

    Has anyone got "Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar" by Al Brooks that they want to offload? If so please PM me Cheers Paulie
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    Economic Calendar

    Please could somebody recommend an online economic calendar ? I usually use , but the site appears to be down this morning. Is there a backup which is accurate and also posts results after the data has come out (and free!) ? Many thanks, Paulie
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    Black Swan Events

    This may be a stupid question but .... What is the best strategy in a 'Black Swan' event ? I can only think of one event since I have been trading in the last year ... on the 28th March 08, some big trader fat fingered the Bund causing a 150 tick move. Fortunately I wasn't in a position at...
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    When to stop for the day ?

    First off, this is my first post on this forum, depite lurking for many months. Hello everybody - Please be gentle ... ! I've been day trading the Schatz for just over a year now and I've developed a strategy that seems to work nicely for me. I've got to the point now where I'm trying to...