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    Can anyone advise the official closing price for the Dow daily on Friday last, i e after hours trading.????
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    Free Seminar - Manchester 12 June

    I have received notification of a free seminar from I G Index for up to 4 people. Anyone interested Email me and I will include you in the response. John
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    Re the review of Metastock by Zambuck and the book referred to in having looked at the contents of the "trading course" methinks much of it is already in the manual supplied with the Metastock programme, and therefore the cost of $275 looks excessive to...
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    Seems the system has ommitted a buy in ARM from my portfolio and unable to dispose of same.......just another glitch .......ah well!!!
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    Arm Holdings (ARM)

    I observe you have my portfolio show close today Wednesday at 46.25/48 This should read 47.5/48 according to the close on ADVFN Comments awaited John
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    How come i got closed out of Short on NXT at 4 53 pm, today Wednesday, when it closed at 910, and methinks my stop was 930. Come on Sharky................
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    Free Seminar

    I have been advised of a free seminar in London on 31 July. Anyone interested can find out further by visiting: Will try to make the effort myself Happy trading !!! John
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    Competition Price Quotes

    Paul Dont know your source for the quotes shown in the competition, but couldnt believe a spread of 300/350 for Tate & Lyle (TATE) Checked wit L.S.E. site, also 20 mins delay and shows 340/349.75. Is this a blip or normal??? Can mislead participants to hold or sell, or worse, not partake...
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    Ctec (nasdaq)

    Does anyone have a view on the above stock......all responses gratefully received. Chart most welcome Many thanks John
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    Return to the fold

    Phew!!!!! After a long absence, glad to see the Board is as thriving as ever. Congratulations on the latest layout, no doubt due the efforts of Paul, Martin and all the other stalwarts who have been here from the early days. Having elected to get out of the markets, I felt it would be...
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    Global Trading - New Service

    iDealing have just launched trading on NASDAQ, NYSE and European Equities for £10 per trade and no Foregn Exchange to contend with. I havent yet tried it, but if as efficient as their UK trading, then should be good. for further info Best wishes John
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    Themestream Closing its Doors

    Have received an email today, Friday with the announcement, that this site is closing its doors. This is the site where Charty had us pick up the Technical Analysis Reports from. No doubt we will hear soon from Charty. John
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    ITL - Intec Tel Sys

    One I have my eye on for med/longer term The company provides softeware for telecom companies to bill each other for shared cost of calls. CEO bought 200,000 and two non exec directors bought 27000 and 7744 respectively in the last couple of days following a recent profits warning. John
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    Tech Analysis on NASDAQ by Charty

    To read the article click on the URL below:
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    Online Brokers

    If anyone is looking for a fast reliable service, I can recommend iDealing. Have tried them out over the last 6 weeks and found their service fast and without snags, and the brokerage is £10 regardless of size. The site can be found at
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    Cambridge Antibody (CAT)

    From a TA point of view I am closely eyeing this one once again.....sound company with lots of goodies in the pipeline. Have resistance at 3538, up 42.5 today to 3118 and indicators showing positive. What do others think? John
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    My Favourite Subject

    Following is an extract from Alpesh B Patel's column in the Financial Times 03/03 "Selling Improves Performance. A net trader will expend more mental energy on a losing position than a profitable one (you get stress from sitting on a £10,000 lost than a £10,000 gain) It is better to sell...
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    Teamtalk (TTK) Big Trades today

    Anyone have any idea why the big trades have gone through today Friday - 445,000 : 1,000,000 - 141,683. Done little to the share price !!!! Well at least at the time of writing this post.
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    Shire Pharmaceuticals (SHP) Gains US Approval for Alzheimers Drug

    Shire Pharm. of the UK on Thursday gains approval from the US drug regulators for the sale of Reminyl, Shire's treatment for Alzeimers disease. Price down 72 (5.97%) at time of posting this. So much for good news !!!! John
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    Technical Analysis on Autonomy (AU.) by Charty

    To read the article click on the URL below