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  1. robster970

    Mean reversion based strategy

    Folks, I have been messing around during the quiet periods with a mean reverting strategy which is showing some interesting results. The question I have is whether you take trades in both directions, particularly if there is good evidence of a trend on a higher timeframe. Answers on a...
  2. robster970

    Ask Uncle Pat................

    Dear Pat, I am a 44 year old man and happily married. However when I am trading and listening to music on Spotify, I often find myself listening to Girls Aloud's "Call the Shots". When I am in the moment, it is brilliant and feel as high as a kite but afterwards I feel terribly guilty and feel...
  3. robster970


    My assignment in Europe is coming to an end shortly and I have been dialing back into trading again on smaller size than when I left it but just generally getting a feel for things again. One thing has struck me which I never noticed up until Monday of this week. When I take counter-trend...
  4. robster970

    Gold standard?

    Interesting response from a Fed economist.
  5. robster970

    Favourite T2W images of all time

    These are two of my favourites, one I discovered myself and the other generated by new_trader blessing all who trade the e-mini s&p500:
  6. robster970

    Midday Prayer Offering to morgan_edge

    Today's midday prayer for the fx mofo motherlicker Note that prayers can only be in the form of a futures contract.
  7. robster970

    Time & Price, Volume Confirms

    After a couple of posts on FoMo's thread on using a simple trading strategy, I thought I would post up some basic facts about this set-up. There are some pre-conditions though: Precondition 1 - This is largely dependent on you having done a lot of screen time and knowing your market well. This...
  8. robster970

    Spank the Bucketshop II

    Anybody fancy this for some lulz? Are there any offers going on we can take advantage of?
  9. robster970

    Screaming sheep

    Now do you think this is real or dubbed? The Screaming Sheep (Original Upload) - YouTube
  10. robster970

    The Leopard - come out, come out wherever you are..........

    Come on lad........
  11. robster970

    Jim'll Paint It

    My Mrs was sent this on Facebook - basically you put in an outlandish request to paint something and they do it - it's seriously the requests then look at the pictures - there are about 20 of them. I was crying this morning..... Requests | Facebook...
  12. robster970

    Trading the E-mini

    So from Monday, I am going to post up some basic pre-session analysis, post mortem trades and some post match analysis. In this you will see the flexibility and also the humanity of discretionary trading, the ups and downs, the 20+ pt days and the 6% down loss limit days. I tried to do this...
  13. robster970

    Trade dissection

    I thought I would start this thread for those who struggle to do live calls but are prepared to dissect their good, bad and average trades in public. I fall into this category. I trade ES although I am @rsing about with EURUSD in an Spreadbetting account which might feature from time to time...
  14. robster970

    Setting up a private sub forum

    So is it worth setting one up to actually discuss trading, away from the tards who constantly troll decent content with their dirge? I can probably think of about 30 of the regular posters on here that are serious and approach it professionally. I don't post that much these days but I'm pretty...
  15. robster970

    Trade what you see, not what you think....

    I came across this post which is an excellent response to a great post from Shakone.... It got me thinking about the nature of discretionary trading and the difficulty in following the maxim, trade what you see, not what you think and how automation takes care of that non-trivial problem. I...
  16. robster970

    I don't know about you guys.....

    ...but I didn't manage to make it out of my pyjamas today and who said there weren't perks to trading at home eh!!
  17. robster970

    What you think certain regular posters look like......

    So I think teh hare looks like this: Kimosabby Dash Pazienza I haven't put DT in here because everybody knows he looks and dresses like Elvis (Las Vegas) Barjon
  18. robster970

    Draghi Caption Comp - Sept 2012

    Source to deface.
  19. robster970

    Trading strategies reliant on leptokurtic nature of ES

    Only kidding
  20. robster970

    General Trading Chat

    So folks, I have a personal opinion that the majority of value on this site was centred around General Trading Chat and that the restructuring has facilitated categorisation of information rather than usability. If you have any experience building websites, you will understand the difference...