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    CMC MM running slow (CFD)

    Peter, Given the extreme mkt volatility at present, the last thing we need is a trading platform that doesn't give you real-time prices! I'm also in the middle of trying to get CMC helpdesk to fix this urgently. I'll keep you posted on any progress, but to be honest I think I've tried most...
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    CMC MM running slow (CFD)

    Hi, I just wondered are any other users having problems with MM running slow, ie the CMC server time lags Real-time very quickly so you are no longer getting Real-time prices, & frequent 'Requotes' and 'Client did not respond' messages etc. making trading impossible! Ray.:?:
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    CMC New Charting Package

    I too have been with CMC since the early days, and the new charting package is indeed a retrograde step. I have just registered a complaint via the MM feedback form, requesting feedback- so we will see. As an aside does anyone else have a problem with MM running slowly? ie the server time very...
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    Introduce Yourself

    introduction Thanks Sharky, Have been a full time trader for >5yrs, & time like these we could all do with some support lol. Particularly interested in US Options and CFD and trader psychology. Could do with some better Risk Management techniques though! :lol: