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    Review Volume levels for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, CAD/USD, AUD/USD

    Hi guys I want to show how you can trade volumetric analysis for currencies pairs. It's sound some strange, but spot market of currencies is not regulated. So we can exactly know about volumes and trades. But there are CME group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) where are trading futures on...
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    ES week chart direction

    Hi guys If you look at the week chart on mini S&P you can see that big long trend didn't broken. So big volume area which accumulate volumes during 2015-2016 is very big support. In long terms just only for long positions. What do you think?
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    Using volumetric analysis in currencies pairs

    Hi guys I'd like to share with idea about trading based on volumetric analysis. Everyone of us know that volume is too important data to ignore it. When we trade FOREX we can't see true volume. But Forex Market, as well as other markets are controlled by big players. They may be central banks...
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    Exact levels which clear for anyone

    Hi folks In this topik I'd like to talk about trading from the levels or zones of accumulation. There are a lot of rules or points of view how to draw levels in charts. But any schools or any trader do it by own opinion. Sometimes they are wrong sometimes right. But i found that using volume...
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    Vacancy agent

    Hi guys. Our team is looking for a representative in the United States and Europe. We train and sell trading software. If anyone is interested, send me a private message. All the details in person. Thank you.
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    Investing in your trading

    I was really surprised that many of us invest in trade, every day lose them. But it does not want a penny to spend on training or special trade program. We are not fools to spend money on training and software.better to lose them in the market, right? :smart: True? We all think so, because we do...
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    Market profile and volume analysis

    Hi guys, I trade on the basis of volume analysis, market profile and using cluster analysis. Anyone can suggest good sites or forums that adhere to this strategy work? I have been trading currency pairs, crude oil. I use plaftorm Thank you.
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    Volume in FOREX

    Some people think that on Forex volume analysis is not working. They deceid that volumes are well work on the stock, futures, but FOREX lives by his own rules. So this is not true. Let see how on the hourly chart perfectly predicted the AUD. How volume is to stops moving. Entering of big players...
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    Volume analysis

    Hi folks! I usually use analysis of volume when decide when open position. I don't beleive in any indicators, only MA on long periods could give some information. Somebody analyses the volume?
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    6A AUD/USD overview

    Hi everybody The following offer my review AUD. It appears reversal pattern on the dayly chart. I was late to the recommendation to sales. But there is still a possibility of return to the levels of sales. Sell from levels 0,7298 - 0,7318. First goal - 0,7232 Second - 0,7178 Second goal -...
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    GBP review

    Hi everybody My last forecast about GBP was partly confirmed. It was a good buy. Time to exit has not yet come. I recommend still hold long position. It's still hught possibility of achiving 1.565. Or the market should show sales. Profits for all!
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    USD/GBP forecast

    Hello everybody. I call attention to my EUR/GBP forecast. An interesting picture on USD / GBP. Weekly time frame downtrend. But there is a probability of a rebound from the level of 1,511. In case of its breakthrough price could drop to 1,493. On the daily time frame, we see that on 4 May, it...
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    EUR/USD forecast

    Hello everybody. I call attention to my EUR/USD forecast. If you look globally, now we are in a sideways downtrend with boundaries from 1,062-1,088 to 1,142-1,159. We are now in the zone of the volume from which the price can go either way. So I would recommend to refrain from taking any...