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    Scanner? (free)

    Hey all Is there a free scanner somewhere which will scan pre market stocks that are gapping up with a low float, volume, price? Something like tradeideas, but free lol or almost free. Is there a free live news feed somewhere focussed on stocks? Thanks, Matt
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    Day trading UK stocks on the bell that are gapping pre-market

    Hey all I was wondering if anyone here day traded UK stocks on the bell and what strategy you used? Does anyone trade gapping stocks that have gapped by a min of 5% pre-market and then ride the momentum to the upside? I am talking about stocks that are gapping by 5% or more on the day...
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    News Channel

    Hey traders, Can someone recommend a good place to get up to date round the clock economy/political news from for forex trading? On my forex platform I have the calendar where the news releases come out with their impact ratios, however (I am new to forex), it seems as though politicians can...
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    Money Management

    Dear all I am using a demo account for now in Forex, and I am now trying to work out how I am going to proceed with money management and leverage. I would like to use 0.80% as my bankroll risk, and 1% as my profit target per trade. My question is if I am looking for that 1% minimum profit...
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    Retail trader working in Sheffield (DeGiro broker)

    Hey all I thought I would make a post to see if theres any local retail traders or any traders in the UK who wanted to talk about strategies or brokers. Currently I trade through DeGiro because I like the low commissions and the fact they do not charge to put money onto the account or withdraw...