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    I Can't access to Oanda site. Something wrong?

    Hi guys, I was trading on up to yesterday evening. my computer got very slow so I reboot the computer, since then I can't access to the site any longer, I try different computer and different internet access point and no success, is something wrong with the company? Thanks.
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    Intel, Anyone here track this stock?

    Hi guys, I am currently long Intel, there is a lot going on with this stock lately. This morning it get downgraded, what do you guys think about this stock? Evercore Partners downgraded the chipmaker's stock to "Equal Weight" from "Underweight".
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    Microsoft movement

    Hi guys, Microsoft have some big movement past few weeks. It come from 28's to Friday's high 33.52; Some professional say it will go to 40 by end of the year. Do you guys think it will pull back to 32ish before go up? I sold mine at 32.48 like to buy it back at 31.88 or low 32's. What do you...
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    Why some broker limit their self in this fast business?

    :thumbsdow I am trading with a few brokers. I was try to close one of my Intel position yesterday afternoon right after they report earning. only to find out my broker can't enter my order until 5 minutes after 4pm and the order won't excute until 4:15pm. I have lost the chance to close my...
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    Problem withdrawing funds from broker

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, but I am not new to FX Trading. I have lost a lot of money in the begining and try to win back some now. Any way what I am asking is if anyone have the same problem like me. I have dealing with a praticular broker firm for over 5 years, I haven't have any...