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    Has anyone tried this?

    Hi, I use four executable and it takes less than 10 minutes on the four_core i7 machine. It also depends on criteria such as multiple TP/SL. I also purchased DLPAL LS new license for less functions and I compare results. DLPAL LS is faster and takes about 4 minutes with same number of...
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    Making money during cycle downturns

    What about OTM options? There is cost but risk is fixed.
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    Has anyone tried this?

    I bought software from the PAL company years ago and found it useful. I recently got the DLPAL DQ product. It is different from these other products you mentioned that I have also used them in the past especially the last one and I also spent months trying to get something to no avail. I get the...
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    Why do you trade?

    You trade to make money. It varies but in my opinion it takes a good 10 years to reach profitability if you are devoted to this.
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    Discretionary trading back in fashion

    After a long period of automated strategy dominance I think discretionary trading is coming back to fashion. What do you think? I think that automated failed to deliver and people are going back to traditional methods with discretion.
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    Free articles and book for traders

    PAL Blog has now a section with many free access articles and a free book for traders that are worth looking at. Some I found very useful.
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    Reliable trading indicators for volatile markets?

    No indicators work in crypto and penny as those are manipulated markets by large pockets.
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    Trying to understand slippage: 1.6% with Interactive Brokers.

    HTF algos front run your order. These slippage levels can happen near the RTH open. I would try to avoid orders near the open.
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    Article Should You Trade Forex or Stocks?

    "and the Nasdaq-100 (QQQQ)" QQQ Maybe the article is old. It's been a long time since change from QQQQ to QQQ. Yet most facts hold.
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    Any good reference for transition from NT7 to NT8?

    Has anyone found any good reference for transitioning from NinjaTrader 7 to 8 code?
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    Skill or luck? An excellent read

    I found this interesting. Is it possible some famous fund managers have attained their performance by chance?
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    Looking for historical 1min MT4 data

    Here if you don't find anything else
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    Profitability and Systematic Trading Book

    Last week Michael Harris made available a free copy of the book. It's an introductory book but with many interesting views about trading. The pdf can be found in this page under free books. I thought chapters 1, 2 and 5 were most useful.
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    Automated Trading

    A good article in this blog why trends and trend-following do not equate well and impact on CTA performance some of which still use turtle methods.
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    SPX500 + 45% in three days!

    LOL LOL maybe Musk will also develop a time machine....
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    Taking bank loan for bitcoin? Suggestion

    Bitcoin in consolidation phase now. Brokers are liquidating weak traders on margin. It could again rise towards 10K by Christmas time but who knows anything?
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    What are Gaps?

    Most gaps get closed the question is how long that takes. If it takes too long then they are not useful. Maybe a study of the time to close gaps will be useful.
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    Trend following not working on my 7,000 backtests !

    Explanation for TF failure in recent years was offered on the basis that there is not enough dumb money to support this style of trading. Interesting article here.
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    PROOF That Forex is RANDOM video

    I don't know about random but zero-sum game for sure and in that game usually market maker wins.
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    Omega Supercharts

    It is good to find out after 9 years have past :)