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  1. jungles

    It's this Easy

    Apply the indi attached, to a 60M chart, using these settings: 240, 60, 0, 0, false. Scan 60M charts looking for those pairs where price is clearly away from the SMA and the SMA is sloping (up when buying, down when shorting). If price is > SMA, only buy; if price is < SMA, only...
  2. jungles

    Indi Conversion

    Is anyone interested in helping me convert this indi so that it displays both 60MA on 5M, 60M and 240M and 21MA on 5M, 60M and 240M at the same time at present the indi tells you if price (not close) is > or < the 60MA, without having to flick through the TFs; i'd like it to do that and for...
  3. jungles

    21sma & 60sma

    This thread will record my testing of a simple strategy, taking trades after a bounce off a 21SMA, 60M. Whilst the bounce is the signal to take notice, the strategy also relies heavily upon reading PA and SR. In the trade shown below, taken Friday, we have a bounce off the 21SMA (blue arrow)...
  4. jungles


    at my journal, CAPITAL letters sometimes work, but sometimes they are converted when i hit 'post' this is a problem for obsessive-compulsive formatters eg i type Audcad all in caps, but it posts as shown
  5. jungles

    Forex News Items

    Hi 1] if you are in a forex trade do you attempt to reduce your risk when significant red news is pending? 2] how do you yourself reduce your risk? 3] which red news items will prompt you to reduce your risk? ----------------- typically i like to close positions at NFP, but i'm...
  6. jungles

    Forex Facts......that you have been avoiding

    Fact 1 A recent study undertaken by Ph.D researcher John Forman, reveals that 99.6% of retail forex traders are unable to achieve more than 4 back-to-back profitable quarters. Note: Statistically, any person marketing themself as a forex "teacher" will fall into the 99.6% group. NEVER give...
  7. jungles

    Random Trades - subverting the rules

    a place where i can bend my rules a little, whilst still considering risk ........just to see what happens :cheesy: .
  8. jungles

    PA: The Prop Trader Challenge

    this journal will record trades taken (mostly off 240M) on a very simple PA strategy I've been working on i'll be surprised if this strategy works.......but you never know .
  9. jungles

    The Prop Trader Challenge

    It’s an ambition of mine to obtain a Prop Trader position by 2013 end. I’ve spoken to some firms and have been informed that as a Prop Trader I would need to double my account every year, which I average to 10% every four weeks (allowing for holidays, slow periods etc). So this is the standard I...