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    Outernet or Google balloons or

    All are at developing stage. But outer net is already selling their products & its cheap. Free Internet forever. Outernet device ranging from $99 -$199. You can transfer maximum 1GB/Day. I think that's nice. FB Internet Project is also improving. But most awaited is...
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    My Journal - Pathways to Improvement

    Hi, this is my trading journal Guided & Inspired by Mr. Forexmospherian. :) Further details about my background are discussed before on this previous thread. Here I will share my...
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    I have a serious problem please guide

    Suppose I design a system, System A. Now after all research & back test , demo test. I started trading real with system A. Day 1 : System produce more than expected profit , Me: Happy. Day 2 : Not so good day, break even, Me: Suspicious. Day 3 : Really a bad day, more than expected loss...
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    Any Good Hedging strategy for Forex?

    Is there any good hedging strategy available based with correlation trading? or any good book on it? I am interested on hedging with correlation, once I tried "ACH15 Discovery: always 100% won transactions in FOREX market! " Within a week my small account rose upto 300% but later it fall back...
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    Can broker manipulate our SL & TP in their favor?

    I was watching this thread Where thread starter said how he got cheated. Broker re quoted the price on next day, after his trade got closed! It was for spread betting. My concern...
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    Any Good books on Multiple Time Frame Analysis?

    Hi, Does anybody knows any good book or courses on Multiple Time frame analysis. I'm little confuse at some points, regarding, how make entry,exits etc. So any good book with proper elaboration will be helpful. Thanks. Regards, S
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    What is the plus point of having account manager?

    If this is stupid question then please forgive me. I have seen many forex brokers offers account managers. We get account managers contacts when we register for a trading account. What kind of benefit we can get from an account manager? Account managers for special attention? Then what about...
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    How you deal with news releases being an intraday trader?

    Hello fellow traders, i would like to make a newbie question here. Just wish to know how expert intraday traders manage their trade during news release. This thread is completely to the those trader who use technical indicators for their trading decision. In case for forex market, major news...
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    Average losing streak of day trader? Day trading as career?

    I am interested in day trading. I wish to make it as my career & living out of it. Previously I worked in a prop trading firm where I used to trade Currencies(Forex). Now, If I convert my career into day trading, I need to have good trading records. My question is,in general what is the...