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    Has anyone tried this?

    Solas, how long does it take to do 137 stocks? Have you upgraded to a solution with multiple runs of the program? The software has been doing well and I'm satisfied but I'd like to decrease time it takes to output the results. I run it with 200 stocks at this stage.
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    Has anyone tried this?

    This one looks interesting and in trying a demo seems quite accurate. I purchased another program from same company years ago and that was also interesting but due to new job I didn't devote any time and license expired. Has anyone tried the DQ option? Any ideas in general?
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    Strategies to adopt when Market reverse on a scalping position

    You cannot avoid trap but in case what you can do is buy way low and hope exchange won't cancel trades.
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    3rd generation NN, deep learning, deep belief nets and Restricted Boltzmann Machines

    Does PF stand for profit factor? I see all but two PF < 1.
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    Free trading strategy design tool

    Interesting software. have you tried it in actual trading? What features are you using for classification? I think success depends on features. Have you tried long-short strategies as in this article? I think DLPAL is selling the features more than the software. I am now trying the demo and...
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    Can anyone recommend a strategy?

    OK - so you say it is not. Just tell me where the mark-to-market gains of winners come daily after market close if not from the mark-to-market losses of the losers. Is anyone paying the winners besides the losers? If not, it is a zero-sum.
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    'Candlesticks are useless and arbitrary' yeh but no?

    They are mostly useless but occasionally useful. :)
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    Interesting article about discretionary trading setups vs. systematic

    The article is interesting in many aspects, not only about the comparison but also about the points made regarding calculation of performance figures. I think it is useful read.
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    Whatsapp Group for Trading

    Any benefits that a whatsapp group provides?
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    Is backtesting on software strictly necessary to trade?

    Paper trading has exactly the same problems with backtesting since market dynamics can change immediately after you are convinced that you have a sound strategy. This paper in ssrn has in it two examples that demonstrate this problem.
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    Can anyone recommend a strategy?

    Machine learning is supposed to do that but it seems it also hasn't been successful as the numeral results indicate.
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    It seems that popularity is increasing for this fund but most predictions are nearly random as noted in article link by solas0077
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    Many articles about this machine learning hedge fund. Has anyone tried?
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    Does anyone have pdf file of CMT curriculum?

    There are better things to do with your time and money. Take a course in machine learning, ti's the future. CMT is outdated cult of losers.
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    Volatility collapse

    Now 15 days with a 1.5% range, still tight. Could the market be random as professors say and we just try to rationalize the moves after they occur? Nice article and the blog is worth following.
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    Does technical analysis work or not?

    One problem is that stats for time series are non-stationary.
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    Why do people want to trade Forex?

    The signal to noise ratio in forex is extremely low due to high competition. This makes most systems and trades random. On top of that forex trading is expensive despite assertions to the contrary by brokers. One pip for standard EUR/USD lot is $10. That is a lot. By the time you place a trade...
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    DrDulya Market Analysis

    It's due to artificial supply limits. No inherent value.
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    Does technical analysis work or not?

    Easier said than done. Any ideas of how to go about doing that without bias?
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    Does technical analysis work or not?

    I think I will agree with that. Then it is not a science because science success is independent of the person that applies it. I found this article and it looks interesting. I do not agree with everything in it but the role of serial correlation is interesting and requires further investigation.