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    Beware of Intertraders spreads around rollover

    I had a dodgy fill around rollover time, where Intertrader filled my order 10 ticks below any price seen on any other broker. The lowest I could find was 1.32351. As you can see the price went 23.5 ticks wide and filled my stop loss order. Typical broker practice is to not fill orders around...
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    MT4 Brokers - Warning

    So I've opened a few MT4 brokers recently to do a test on their fills. I can confirm the following brokers are most likely using that virtual dealer plugin or some other tactics to make money. I have an EA that shows they only accept trades that go against me, or marginally in my favour in some...
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    Has anyone got any views on spreadco?
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    CMC Markets

    Why is their UK 100 price 8 points higher than the other brokers?
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    CMC Markets

    Why have CMC gone to 10 point spreads?
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    Capital Spreads

    Has anyone got a capital spreads account? Is the site down?
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    Capital Spreads Indices price down?

    Can anyone see this? Seems all their markets are closed.
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    CMC Markets

    Anyone know why CMC Markets UK 100 price is sitting 20 points higher than other spreadbetting companies right now?
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    Gears of War 3

    Anyone playing?
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    CMC UK 100 Closed 7:50-8:00am

    Anyone noticed this?
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    Has IG rejection rate picked up?

    I seem to be getting only accepted on trades that go offside on me. 6 trades 5 rejections.
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    BHP 48.5bio bid for WPL

    Buy AUDUSD..... SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — BHP Billiton Ltd. is in talks to buy Australian oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum Ltd. for $48.5 billion amid surging commodity prices, in what would be Australia’s largest-ever takeover deal, according to published reports on Sunday.
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    Does anyone have any clues why EURUSD is up 80 points pre-market?
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    Chinese Whispers

    I've noticed that the topic of the thread is only mentioned in the first 2 pages of any thread. Then by the end of it, we're talking about how Howard is a tool, or some newbie who has found the holy grail. I love this forum.
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    Brokers Open before 9pm Sunday

    Has anyone got a list of brokers that are open 9pm or earlier on sunday night, and is there any broker that they would recommend that's open 9pm or earlier?
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    Daily Pivot Indicator MT4. OHLC adjustable.

    Does anyone have a MT4 Indicator for the Daily Pivots that they would like to share? Only PP,R1,R2,R3,S1,S2,S3, and OHLC adjustable. I've searched over the internet for it and can't find it. I've found one with 30 lines thats adjustable, but i dont want 30 lines. Fib lines M1,M2 etc.. I like to...
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    Old People

    How many people here are over 60? How did you manage to turn on the computer and learn how to use it?