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  1. kissindicator

    What Is Elliott Wave Theory, And How Do You Trade With It?

    One of the most popular yet mystical technical chart analysis approaches is Elliott Wave Theory. Elliott Wave Theory is based on ideas developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott back in the 1930s. While some skeptics criticize the subjective nature of Elliott Wave trading, other traders swear by its...
  2. kissindicator

    Stock-market Bulls Run, But Bears Lie in Wait

    The stock market has continued to rise as it works off the massive oversold condition that existed at Christmas. This week, the S&P 500 penetrated through the resistance at 2,600, although it has not done so very convincingly. Most of our indicators are on buy signals, and we could envision this...
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    Trading with KissIndicator

    $SPY Secret Sauce Results Entry Time : 09:31am Option: C Strike Price: $261 Exp: 2018-01-25 Entry: $2.38 Target: $2.52 Max: $2.95 Success: YES Max Profit: 23.95%
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    Brexit: Fight or Flight?

    Brexit is the now the talk of the town. It is a portmanteau of “Britain" and "exit,” referring to the impending withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. A June 23, 2016 referendum was held to decide whether to leave or remain in the EU. “Leave” won by 51.9% that was supported by...
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    US-China Trade War Talks Resume

    President Trump and Chinese officials resumed their trade talks with both eager to compromise after the 90-day truce declared last December. While the talks among mid-level US and Chinese representative were taking place, there was a surprise appearance of Liu He, China’s vice premier and...
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    What Plunging Oil Prices May Be Telling Us About the Stock Market and Global Economy

    The Dow Jones Newswire just reported that: Oil prices are in a bear market and for some, that is raising questions about global economic health. Should investors be worried? What has happened to oil prices? More significantly, what does it mean for the broader stock market and the global...
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    Does the Market Know Something that the Average Investor Can't See?

    Is a recession, or worse, another financial crisis, around the corner? Is QT (quantitative tightening) finally wreaking havoc on risk that deep down we all suspected it might? Here are some comments from Fidelity: - Bottoms generally form when markets stop going down on bad news. We are likely...
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    Is this a Recession, Depression, or Something Else? What's Next?

    What goes up has to come down at some point. Sometimes, markets go down because they went up - a lot. We were really spoiled by the "Trump bump" of 2017. Did you know that 2017 was the only year ever that the S&P 500 went up each and every month? That's great and mutual funds made a lot of...