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    You forgot to mention the Chikou span
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    Fibonacci Retracements, Extensions, Overlaps

    I think it's the other way around. For what it's worth, see the picture on this page:
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    On Futures how much money (%) to use

    As much money as you can lose without giving a f#%k. Use only money that you can afford to lose. Never ever use your life savings.
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    Profiforex Is Scam

    i'm having a blast reading T2W lately
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    What are you listening to now?

    rise and fall - Graig David feat Sting
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    You're welcome! Yes I do consider the position of the Chikou Span before I enter position. In your chart you can see the Chikou Span has just barely crossed price only. But below the Chikou Span there's a huge space between Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen and Senkou A & B. That means that a lot can...
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    how long have you been trying?
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    I would not go short yet: 1. The (future) Kumo is still bullish as far as I can see on your chart. 2. Although the Chikou Span is below the price from 26 periods ago, it it still above Kijun Sen. It could turn and break upwards through price again. 3. Look at the trend lines I draw. Price...
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    How Long Does It Take to make $5000/Mo consistent profit?

    Let's think. Do I care? hmmmmm...... nope.
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    How Long Does It Take to make $5000/Mo consistent profit?

    acting as sales promotion girl must be here main income. i don't think she's a trader herself.
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    How Long Does It Take to make $5000/Mo consistent profit?

    Seriously? I think they are good in ripping off people.
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    How Long Does It Take to make $5000/Mo consistent profit?

    I signed up with them, they made me a millionaire! You are being reported as we speak.:clap:
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    How Long Does It Take to make $5000/Mo consistent profit?

    how come that over the course of the last lets say 6 months the quality of the discussions on the T2W forum in general is getting questionable? *just too lazy to raise this as new topic myself though. (I realize I'm confirming my own observation lol)
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    Options trading system

    I suggest you try out first some systems for yourself, you can easily find those around forums like these. Try which approach fits your personality and style, and then take it from there and look for a course for that specific approach. Trading is not like: I pick a course, try to master it...
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    Mani Ashrafpour

    I joined his system last year and it made me a millionare. Since then I just check in here just once in a while to read up on how others are debating over mr. Ashrafpour.
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    Day Trade Fun

    Re: Day Trade or any time frame free tip Have a look at Ichimoku. When price is in the cloud, do not trade. When it's outside then trade (above: buy, below sell). But I also believe that, like any strategy, it should fit your personality and you should only use when you feel comfortable...
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    Day Trade Fun

    I guess the one who has the most fun is Jay himself when you sign up
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    Ichimoku trading

    Thanks ForexMagnet for the advice! However, I was fed up with the emotions bugging me, so I have developed an automated strategy, and having it tested as we speak. I´ve never had so much fun! Thanks again and regards BT
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    Somthing wrong? autom strat comes back with profit factor 2.20/2261 trades

    Hi Liquid validity, Thanks for your respons. That was very valuable to me. I have not discovered yet the spread function in SC, but I will look futher into this. For the slippage I would reckon 1 tick, so my max gross profit per trade would be 2 points. I am looking into trading 1 contract...
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    figuring out how to attach pics. any suggestions for a good uploader?