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    Would you give it a shot?

    great thread :) its a very interesting read
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    What if new indicator works well on binary options? (i.e. on Dukascopy)

    very interesting thread. I shall follow with great interest
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    Newbie From Canada

    hi and welcome :) im new to! hope you get some answers soon
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    Hi I'm a new member

    hi and welcome :)
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    Best company to start

    thats a good question for the op to ask. Im new also to the world of trading and do worry about which broker I should chose etc. I did try and get some advice on facebook, but got nothing but links thrown at me lol. wary of things like that!!
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    New Member Lal from Singapore

    hi and welcome to the forum :)
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    Starting and in need of help

    Im new also, so will follow this thread with interest :)
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    Looking for a broker that trade BTCUSD in weekend and accept bitcoin for deposit

    interesting thread. I will be following this one!
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    Bitcoin future?

    I would also like to know any good sites to invest in bitcoin.
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    Your favorite trading pairs!!!

    cool thread. Im a newbie so this is really helpful :)
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    When is the best time to trade for beginners?

    cool. great advice! thanks for sharing
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    forexbrokerz & theforexreview review SCAM? GOOD?

    Great post thanks! always good to know who we should stay away from :)
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    Can anyone recomend a good trading course?

    Interesting thread. Im new to trading and there is some good advice here :)
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    How long should I demo before going live?

    hi guys, Im a newbie to trading and was just wondering how long should I stay in demo before going live? Just wanting to get ideas from more experienced traders thanks!
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    Trade or Invest in Bitcoin?

    interesting thread :)
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    Brexit and the Consequences

    interesting thread :) I will be watching with interest
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    Newbie to trading

    Hi guys, Im new to trading and to this forum. Looking forward to gaining some much needed hints and tips for the more experienced traders among you! Just wanted to ask what is the best way to get started? what should I be looking out for with regards to choosing a broker etc? any help would...
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    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    I am new to trading and new to the forum. Got a lot to read through! great thread
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    Introduce Yourself

    HI im new to trading and new to the forum :) Im from the UK. and just wanted to say Hi!