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  1. FxPipser

    Advanced Grid Martingale Trading Strategy based Expert Advisor

    i developed 5 years Martingaile robots - and they Rise acc fast , same as blow them martingaile robots cannot trade Total Automated all time - need to run them in Semiautomated modes (with Hand and Mind Controll) Soon i will post my Robot too at this Forum
  2. FxPipser

    Essentials Of 'Forex News & Analysis'

    hi please tell me is there any thread at this Forum where people trade Manually at News ? thx in Advice
  3. FxPipser

    Which is the best EA bot that you ever used?

    try this EA
  4. FxPipser

    Best EA-Panel for Scalping and Trading at News (pending orders) www.FXPIP.ONE

    I wanted to share with you Scalp Panel that i developed for news trading: - AutoTrailing Stops - AutoTP - AutoSL - it can place 1-100 pending orders with fixed Step between orders for news Trading & Delete all Sell pending orders at News if price jumped in Buy area - it can put all orders in...
  5. FxPipser

    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    what is best brokers today for beginners ? and why
  6. FxPipser

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi to all ! looking for good friend to make profit together and learn how to make profit pips ) Alex