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    Traders in Norwich

    I'm in Thorpe so am happy to meet up at 'The Town House' or somewhere more central if people prefer. Best evenings for me are Monday or Wednesday.
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    Traders in Norwich

    Did the Norwich traders ever meet up? If not, shall we just set a date and time and see who turns up? I've been trading full time for ten years and been a member here for over seven years but rarely post. I moved to Norwich in the last year so looking to make contact with any keen and/or full...
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    So you want a system that actually works?

    You can get about 8 months of back data on the Euro FX Futures contract (Globex symbol EC) from at . I believe this data has been collected from the IB feed. You can get daily time and sales data direct from...
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    Traders Day Presentations

    Systems Update Presentation
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    Eminis PnF

    Sorry JonnyT - these things happen. It was the amazing results that made me look at it closer. I would expect an 'always in' system like this to average around 400-500 S&P pts a year so 200 pts a month is very unusual. Mike
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    Eminis PnF

    I'm not using P&F directly but it is quite easy to program the logic behind P&F into a system, particularly with a 1 pt box size. All I do is take the integer value of the 1 minute close to give the 'box number'. Then you can set the buy/sell stops as +/- 5 boxes away from the current box...
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    Eminis PnF

    I tried to reproduce your results on back data for ES from 24 December. I simply reversed positions after 5 x 1 pt boxes from last high/low. My results show 36.25 pts in 127 trades. Although I have twice as many trades as you reported I cannot see anything I could have programmed incorrectly to...
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    Eminis PnF

    JonnyT Your bmp chart seems to show a 2 pt box size with 1 box reversal if I am reading the chart correctly. Your first post mentioned a 1 pt Box size with 2 box reversal. Could you please confirm which you are using for actually trading. Mike
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    Traders Day - Thanks

    Thanks Helen for all the hard working organising a great event. My presentation can be found at
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    Mechanical system for trading the Dow

    If you want 1 min DOW intraday data for the last 5 years then try Your system is similar to Larry Williams classic volatility breakout system which is one of the most consistently profitable systems I monitor. I use it on S&P...
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    Systems to trade US stocks

    Splurge I use RealTick3 and never had any problems after three years of trading. You can find some background info on platforms and brokers on my website at I would also recommend the broker link at where every direct...
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    Trading Software List

    For e-mini Futures trading I use J-Trader from PatSystems
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    Datafeeds List

    Some more datafeeds for you: 1. TAL which drives RealTick3 - 2. ATFI 3. Bridge
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    Microtrader Seminar, Guildford, 13.10.01

    I am speaking at this event on day trading business plans and 'Naz' (Alan Rich) from this board is also speaking on Nasdaq Level 2 trading. Look forward to seeing you there Roger. Mike Diplock
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    Microtrader Seminar in Essex

    Clickevents are organising another free Microtrader Seminar on May 12th in Brentwood, Essex. Full details at MX, Chartman, hi5 and myself attended the last seminar in February. While the content is fairly basic they do have a US day...
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    The Official Trade2Win's Big Day Out Thread For The Time's Share And Investment Show!

    Hi Kev Please sign me up for a ticket - also bringing a guest if that's possible. Thanks Mike
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    bear books

    Two books I've recently obtained but not yet read are: 1. The Bear book: Survive and profit in Ferocious Markets by John Rothschild 2. The art of short selling by Kathryn Staley Other bear books can be found at the trader's library at I'll post reviews of these...
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    Exponential Moving Averages. Help please.

    As someone who writes a lot of TA and trading software I would say the great thing about exponential moving averages is that you only need to know three things to calculate them, yesterday's value, the smoothing value and today's close. On the otherhand for a simple or weighted 200 day MA you...
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    Book by Tony Oz

    By the way if you want to meet Tony and find out how he trades he is talking at the Online Trading Expo ( next month in New York.
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    Trading for a Living?

    Hi, I'm a new member here but am a full time trader so thought I would just add my two pennith worth. I have been trading NASDAQ stocks using a direct access broker for the last two years. It took me over a year to learn day trading techniques and develop my own trading methodology. I would...