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    Quick reference for real trading profit. Tips that work

    Weigh the odds of a profit!
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    Datafeed with good history needed

    I use eSignal into Metastock Pro, but it dont come cheap, as one would expect for quality.
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    Simon I sure hope your upgrade resolves the problem. Meanwhile I have sent an email to your Admin regarding a rogue trade which was applied after being timed out, only to find after more than two hours later, your broker had actioned the trade. However, as on previous occasions, I am sure...
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced a very slow delivery of trades being filled of late, and in some cases even being timed out only to finde they have gone to telephone trades only. This is not the service promised, or delivered in the past by C.S. Come on Simon what...
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    Best Books on TA

    There is no BEST book on trading............. much depends on how and what you intend to trade. However in general I concur with Bartham, "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" is a most useful "Bible" for someone wanting to understand Charting and Indicators. Another book is "The Way...
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    Vto 5 day rsi system

    I think the reason more people don't take the time to do so is we've fallen into an instant satisfaction online worl where folks just want a quick chart and no homework. Without homework I fear one is destined for "Carey Street" To be successful, it is necessary to keep on honing the mind to...
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    Newbie to Trading

    The most basic indicator is the Moving Average, as this will show you the trend, be it up, down, or sideways movement. Familiarise yourself with that in addition to the above contributers, before moving on to the 130 or more indicators, all of which have their use depending on the instrument...
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    CapitalSpreads any good?

    Methinks you have chosen a very apt name in subscribing to this Board. If thou cannot take the trouble to look at the Home Page of C S and see who is behind the company, then no wonder you are GULLIBLE !!!! Here's hoping you prosper in 2005. John
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    CapitalSpreads any good?

    May I suggest you read the profile of the Parent Group of Capital Spreads................HARDLY A BOOKIE in my opinion!!!! John
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    Techcherry Assusming you are referring to Capital Spreads. You probably wont get an answer till tomorrow from the Admin in view of the timing of your email. I have always found them most accommodating when the problem you mention has arisen. Before you blast them on the Board, send them a...
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    Regret I cannot comment on ADVFN as I have no need to subscribe to same. The symbol INDU is correct for the Dow daily, so maybe the discrepancy is down to your converting the data from ADVFN. I can only reiterate i have not experienced any difficulty with my data flow. John
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    Rookie You do not say whether you are using live or delayed prices when comparing the price in C S simulator. If the latter then no wonder you are getting the results you quote. A further point with C S simulator is the price shown against your buy price is the current bid/offer and not the...
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    Pete 30 Have you ever thought that because a person might "have little time to trade" there are other factors that can have a influence on their time. Be it work, or maybe leisure, or many other interests that they might have. I was once a regular contributer to this site, but having...
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    Martin Many thanks for that. Hope you have had a good day today thus far (timed at 17:00) John
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    Can anyone advise the official closing price for the Dow daily on Friday last, i e after hours trading.????
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    Bertie Why dont you amend the stop loss placed by C S immediately after your trade has been accepted - I do!! John
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    Best Thread Capital Spreads

    Lev11 Why sound so cross?? What Simon said about interest makes sense, and C S do not require you keep big margins - only sufficient to cover the trade/s you dealing in. Methinks thou does not have an account with C.S. and therfore prefer to 'knock' rather than be constructive. John
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    metastock realtime

    Caracole I suggest you contact Metastock, as when I upgraded to Metastock Pro I was asked whether I required the data feed from eSignal or Prorealtime. Maybe there is two versions - one for each data feed. John
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    Some very basic MetaStock questions

    There could be a problem buying through E-bay. If you need support from Equis you will need a customer number to quote before you receive the info requested. So if you do buy from someone make sure there is a legitimate customer number with it. John
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    Calling all "Senior Members T2W" Experienced traders! Help Newbies?

    Gardan SOCRATES, Hi you may remember me from way back when ever this thread was started. You advised me then to be patient, you may recall. You also advised me to follow the thread to learn and see some real fireworks. I think I have seen some fireworks as this thread has progressed, but I...