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  1. Steve

    Ultimate Traders Package - For SALE - MTI Jared Martinez

    I see that you have now placed the advert. The mods have already removed some of your posts as the only place for this is for sale and wanted, where it now is. You should check that your agreement with them allows you to sell in this way as you may find yourself in breach of a number of laws.
  2. Steve

    The Idle Investor by Edmund Shing - Free Review Copy Offer

    I'll review it unless I'm excluded!!
  3. Steve

    Need help with backtesting VSA conditions

    VSA does not work and nor does it's modern incarnation,Tradeguider. MM was right, it's all show. The Wycoff and Williams stuff in it's original form had merit but back testing VSA will prove one thing, you will be just as successful tossing a coin.
  4. Steve

    Very Litte Reviews On Spread Betting Companies

    How about you post some reviews then, instead of criticising.
  5. Steve

    The T2W book - new second edition

    We have recently gone right through the trading FAQ's book and refreshed the content. There's also a limited period offer of a free downloadable audio of interviews with some of the contributors. I'll be posting some extracts here in the next few weeks so you can get a feel of what is in there...
  6. Steve

    T2W yearly awards....

    :lol: I was about to go into one of my long winded explanations and decided nobody would be that interested!
  7. Steve

    T2W yearly awards....

    Yes, we decided to stop doing them.
  8. Steve

    New Year Resolutions

    I completely agree that the zen like emotionless trader is a myth. I wonder therefore if there's a certain set of emotional/psychological (choose any word you like for this head stuff) rules/boundaries that mark out an effective trader. Lot's of us spend a great deal of time looking at the...
  9. Steve

    New Year Resolutions

    It's that time again so I thought it a good idea too see what kind of things you have promised yourself to improve your trading this year. These are mine: 1. To stop hurting quite so much when I lose. 2. To finally learn to accept that none of the experts can help me. 3. To stick with my...
  10. Steve

    Things that are older than barjon

    Deepest sympathy
  11. Steve

    Another trading game?

    OK I think it is time to draw this to a close, thanks to those who have given feedback and also replied to my PM on the subject. Where does this leave us? 1. Some form of game/compo will continue, probably starting December 2. The 'like' method of voting is flawed and we need a better set of...
  12. Steve

    is Gwazy the answer to all traders prayers?

    200%, they will never get the real traders on here to come down to that level so they may as well give up now. Personally I like it and I believe them so I am going to sign up right now. Be great to get those two extra zero's
  13. Steve

    is Gwazy the answer to all traders prayers?

    Give 'em a chance PB - this could be the future of brokerage, so easy an idiot could do it. Ah.....
  14. Steve


    It is with much regret that I have to let you know that Paul Mullen (Trader333) is stepping down from his current role at T2W. He has been a member of T2W staff for 4 years and a member of our community for over 10 years and now wishes to concentrate more fully on his other business interests...
  15. Steve

    Post editing lag and timestamps

    I'll be talking to Paul Gould tomorrow - i'll either get an explanation or a fix. More tomorrow.
  16. Steve

    Another trading game?

    It was actually the members who asked us to restart the 'competitions' although I have to admit that was some time ago. In terms of what the site wants, yes we need page views but if we were trying to get those through crap content I would open the floodgates and the site would be a very...
  17. Steve

    Another trading game?

    Good point but you'll be well aware of some of the acrimony that accompanied the more formal competition on previous occasions, because of the seriousness of our business. That's why I chose 'game' and tried to keep it very simple.
  18. Steve

    Another trading game?

    So, here we are reaching the end of the first block of the trading game. The question now is, should we do it again? So tell me, what worked and what did not work? As you know we were really keen to keep it transparent and simple so it is disappointing that there was not as much participation...
  19. Steve

    No longer a place for Scose

    lM was not banned, I wish he were still here as I think he was a valuable contributor. Also when he criticised it was often sharp but in a constructive way. It all went wrong when we had all those spammers a while back and we were not acting in the way LM thought we should. I opened a line of...
  20. Steve

    Tradeguider for Sale

    So it does not work?