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    Where to start with Euribor?

    Interesting resource. Do you trade STIRs for a living? The PDF document appears to be password protected.
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    The future of trading

    Where was the story? Can I read it online?
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    Crack Spreads?

    What are the trading and price ratios for the listed crack spreads on ICE and Nymex? I can only find resources for things like the 3-2-1 spread. But I'm only interested in the ones that are listed and tradable as listed products.
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    inter market spreads?

    Hi, On which exchanges are inter product spreads tradable as quoted instruments (e.g. similar to calendar spreads)? The only ones I can find are on the CME and ICE Are they available on the CBOT (,3181,1757,00.html)? The site mentions spread margins, but I...
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    Corn Calendar Spread bloomberg ticker?

    Thanks very much! BBG are still on the case and thinking. This forum is great.
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    Corn Calendar Spread bloomberg ticker?

    Hi, How do I view the exchange listed CBOT corn calendar spread on CBOT? The ticker for the March contract is C H7 Comdty I want to view the March/June contract. For tickers with no space in the title, you can concatenate them. e.g. ERH7ERM7 Comdty for Euribor. But this doesn't work for...
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    Range of Red Month STIRS?

    Hey, I'm looking at the red month spreads on stirs. Such as Euribor. Hoping to devise a scalping method. A buddy said they can stay still for ages, and then make a big move. They don't seem to have done this over the past year, but I can't get any data going further back. Could anyone here...
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    Article Diversification Within An FX Trading Account

    Isn't the spread between the franc and the euro, the EURCHF cross rate?
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    City Excess

    There's nothing wrong with going max clip. If you have the size, then why not use it? Having said that, though, you do need to use it sensibly.
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    Are call centre girls more attractive?

    Does trade2win have a call centre? I thought it was just this forum, plus a few articles (which to be honest, aren't usually any good).
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    City Excess

    According to rumour mill, the guy from Marex is 1.5 mil in the hole, and has disappeared. I have no idea whether or not this is true or not. Maybe someone who works there could clarify?
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    T.V. Tues 16/01/07

    There's an interesting view on the show here: "The traders being paid these obscene bonuses don't earn their money by knowing which way prices are going, they are simply agents who slice off commissions from the money passing...
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    Are call centre girls more attractive?

    Or NTL... Their Indian call centre is terrible!
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    Are call centre girls more attractive?

    Hey, I'm having a debate with a mate and was wondering if people here, with call centre experience, could help me out by answering this poll? Cheers, The Edge.
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    City Excess

    That's quite impressive. What did he do? Punt on Nat Gas?
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    FTSE system

    I can't remember the details as I was only doodling a few years ago in Excel. But it was something amazingly naive such as buying or selling the prior day's highs/lows and then letting the daily cash bet settle at the closing value. Good Luck! The Edge.
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    T.V. Tues 16/01/07

    Alas my TV is out of order! Would be interested to hear about how they think bonuses affect society. Surely they should be inspiration for kids at school?
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    FTSE system

    If you're using the high/low prices from Yahoo you'll need to be careful. I found a profitable FTSE system that used the prior highs/lows for entries, based on the Yahoo cash prices. But it didn't work because the SB prices are based off the futures prices. And the futures prices didn't have...
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    Who uses Bloomberg professional?

    The live link is a piece of ****. It's always stalling on me. I mainly use it for trading index futures and equities. And the prices don't always start moving in the morning unless I reset it all. As you can imagine, this is very dangerous! I've heard the Reuters PowerPlus Pro is better...
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    Forex System; 26%/month since jan.2006

    Adny, Do you use a spreader such as Ecco for that? Also, what do you think are the benefits of trading that spread rather than just trading EUR/GBP? Happy New Year! EdgeTrading.