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    Are you guys using Forex Signal?

    Best signal is the one that comes from your experience and hard work. Others are BS
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    Forex Managed Accounts

    PAmm accounts from forex brokers. For example check Hotforex I've been keeping some money with their money managers for 4 years.
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    How do you identify trend?

    Price consolidation (subsiding volatility of returns) but unfortunately it is rare behavior..
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    Which broker is better?

    I'm afraid you won't have access to the instruments you need from non-US entities.
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    Your favorite trading pairs!!!

    Well I don't have "favorite pairs" in terms of my emotional attitude to them, but I trade instruments which choice I somehow substantiated. For example, in forex my trading approach requires liquidity and volatility, that's why I trade majors. Some pairs can be characterized with some unique...
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    Offshore brokers

    The question is how to understand what are possible pitfalls and what are early signs of them when you start testing a broker.
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    Which broker is better?

    Why to find leverage in offshore brokerage of US offers even bigger leverage (up to 1:20). Are you US citizen?
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    Any brokers pay short interest?

    What kind of interest on the stock are you talking about? When does it come from? I mean you borrow the stock to sell what are the costs of lender in this case?
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    Historic Stock Data (1 min / 5 min bars)

    You shared great stuff with us. I wonder did you upload all this data or it's a kind of community work on this website?
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    Can anyone recomend a good trading course?

    eToro manipulates with trading statistics that's why its a red flag for me. Remember me old times with PAMM accounts just a couple of new features.
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    Thoughts on trading after 3 years

    I tried their other stuff and what can basically say that they're absolutely incompetent. Well it's my own opinion don't take my word for it do your own research.
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    Why do you trade?

    Good for you. Just heard so many times that people speak about freedom, success, unlimited self-made career to eventually find themselves in a pit with huge losses. It's easy to become reckless and get carried away when the occupation allows to set basically unlimited targets.
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    Best company to start

    Of course FPA is trying to seek the best trade-off maintaining mix of genuine stuff which makes their manipulations even more sophisticated and harder to trace! Trustpilot can be a good candidate to search for fair information about brokers too, doubt about others.
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    Why do you trade?

    Trading is not a freelance to earn some extra $$ to your income. You can easily lose the breadline if leverage or volatility unexpectedly bites you. Don't make a dream from it because it's a hard job and clearly bears the risk.
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    Best company to start

    The ratings at FPA can be biased, its well know that brokers can buy FPA ratings and enjoy how they block negative reviews on the website. Of course it's not so easy to not get your hands dirty when you get paid for that!!
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    Thoughts on trading after 3 years

    They are dead company. I mean methods and strategies they use are obsolete, good only for making random guesses and thinking that you made informed decision.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Try to focus on something particular like Python it's very powerful language for trading. Most of trading EA are coded in Python..
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    Different Types of Trading

    You forgot FX it's also very popular type of investment/trading in India? Or am I mistaken?
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    Can a U.S. trader trade Asian options?

    I think you have to look into speficiations of trading instruments of major US brokers to see if they offer that. You have to make some research on it because it's a kind of exotic trading request I guess.
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    Hot forex

    Do you conduct live NFP sessions where we can see correct pre- and post-NFP trading setups? Thanks..