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A German data provider, the vwd group offers customised information, communications and technology solutions for the securities market. As a leading European provider, it specialises in meeting individual customer requirements in the areas of asset management, retail banking, private banking and wealth management. It offers innovative solutions for financial service providers, corporates, media and private clients.

As a full-service provider, vwd group supports the securities industry from the issue, distribution, analysis and trading of securities through to consulting and management. vwd group’s applications and services combine the streams of data produced by global financial markets into productive information that can be used for analysis and decision-making. The integration of appropriate technology and transaction solutions make them fast and easy to use. For 60 years financial market experts and private investors have been using these solutions for their professional decisions on asset protection and growth in wealth.
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BIS Datafeed

BIS is a financial feed relatively unknown to the 40,000 UK members of T2W. It is I suspect almost totally unknown to USA members although it provides a wide range of US data in addition to very comprehensive coverage of European markets. It has though a strong base in Germany. Fininfo, a French company, whose main business is the provision of software to financial institutions, owns a majority in BIS AG shares. BIS have some impressive customers in Germany such as Bundesbank. BIS has been in business for about 12 years. Its business base is very reassuring.

T2W’s parameters on its data feed reviews are a little restrictive for rating purposes. It is not possible to compare these against each other in any scientific way to obtain a yardstick against which each feed rated on the site may be measured. What I as a customer see as being most important in a data feed may not be so important to others.

What then do I require of a real time data feed? How does the Boersen Informationssysteme feed measure up? The headings below are self-explanatory. Any decision I make on using a feed is made on the headings below. They are listed in no particular order of importance.

Peer Group Approval
I belong to a group of traders using tried & trusted methods, software & data feeds. My choice of BIS as a real time feed was based on my understanding of the groups’ usage & of the high levels of group satisfaction with it.

Delivery of data on the instruments & complementary instruments i wish to observe & (to a lesser extent ) those i may wish to observe in future.
There are various levels of subscription provided to cater for those with interests in various market.e.g. the BIS 400 package covers UK & European markets in stocks & derivatives at a very reasonable cost
The BIS 700 covers the US as well as UK and European markets. Both packages come with: Free Real-time Forex spot prices, International Indices, Metals. Clients are able to chose a mixture of exchanges in Real-time and delayed. There is also end of day data available for the European, U.S and Asia markets. Profi-charts are available powered by Trade signal with numerous indicators and charting tools

Fast delivery of data in a form that can readily be used by me as a customer.
Data is available in Real time & at EOD. The feed is DDE and API Compliant. The data supplied is available to any commercially available software programs supporting dde such as Metastock Real time, Trade Station 2000i, Updata TA etc. I cannot comment on its use with these as I use privately owned proprietary software. My experience is that speed is satisfactory/very good. My peer group who are scattered across the world likewise report general satisfaction with the speed of data delivery & its format over much wider ranges of instruments & exchanges than those I use.

Data Accuracy.
There seems no reason to suppose that BIS is particularly liable to data inaccuracy. I can recall only one data “spike” on an instrument I was following since I signed up. My peer groups’ experience is that inaccuracies are present but are rare.

Appropriate method of delivery.
The feed is available to new customers through digital satellite broadcast (within the Astra Satellite footprint), Internet, or Gsm portable radio net. I use satellite as a data delivery method. This enables me to segregate my data & data related functions to a dedicated machine free from any possible Internet pollution. I live in the North East of England & despite initial misgivings have found that my signal strength has never been less than 88%, which is more than enough for consistent & reliable data reception. A peer group user in Scotland reports satisfactory results even closer to the limits of the satellite footprint.

Reliability & ease of set up.
I found the BIS system very easy to set up & use. Again my experience, which is limited to several months, indicates that reliability is very good. Reported peer group experience over a much longer time indicates that reliability is very good. A satellite delivery system can occasionally be disrupted by bad weather conditions (lightening may disrupt the signal very temporarily and heavy gales may occasionally cause a dish that is insecurely fixed to go out of line with the satellite). I have so far not experienced any of these problems & my peer group report few or no problems

Customer Support.
BIS have a help desk in Germany with English speaking operators. In my experience the desk is easily contacted with none of the irritating delays that can be experienced elsewhere. The action taken is prompt & is directed by experienced operators. Most of the BIS German website is translatable by search engine language tools. There is an English website but it is not as comprehensive as the German one & could be improved by being extended to be a mirror of the home base site.
BIS maintains a dedicated system reseller in the UK to provide customer support. Their appointee is very familiar with their system over a period of many years & also with its compatibility over many hardware & software systems. The UK representative is available through his website http://www.leewin.com/nuke/index.php by email, telephone, FAX & VOIP (Skype). The service he provides is very friendly & personal & is based on his experience of BIS, which is extensive.

There may be an argument for making available the bare financial data (without the front end stuff) at a lower cost as is done with the American IQ feed. This would appeal to those who require a no frills service. Many though will wish to use the additional facilities as is although they are of no interest to me personally. At €77 per month + 16% vat (approx£62) plus exchange fees the BIS 400 subscription is a very competitively priced feed.The BIS 700 is €138+vat and exchange fees. Payments options available are, monthly, quarterly, and yearly

This is a very competitive & fully featured feed that has gone unnoticed by many for a long time. It provides such accurate & reliable real time Forex data that it is utilised by a well-known German Bank. In my view it will appeal to a wide variety of users who may well be unaware of its existence so far & it has my firm recommendation
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