I have been using Tsim for several months, and I think it has been updated since the last review because it now has Limit and Stop orders including trailing Stops. It also has the onscreen p/l that the previous reviewer mentions, it updates in real time which is great when the number is green but a bit depressing when red. It would be nice to be able to hide this though because it can be off-putting when in a trade. I don’t use it as a simulator much so my comments mainly relate to real-money trading, but the simulator mode looks to be identical anyway.

I tried some of the other TWS APIs but I trade mainly stocks and they all seem geared up for futures. This one does stocks properly, and has no trouble with having different positions open at the same time which is what I need. I also like the eSignal linking. It is quite big and might take up too much room if you only have one monitor or a low resolution.

I cannot properly comment on the support because I have not really needed it – it is pretty easy to use and the instructions are all on the website. I did send them one question by email and they replied the same day which is always a good sign.

In summary, it does everything I need, is miles easier to use than TWS, and has not broken on me yet so I am happy with it especially considering that it is free which is my favourite price.

Been looking for Tsim+ for a while.

Great! Really simple visually, compared to so many other simulators that assume a lot of familiarity with the arcane world of market orders. But it would be good to see some additional features like onscreen p/l display, and ability to display the log on a button press. Also nb is the ability to resize the window.

I'd like to see stop and limit orders added, but in such a way that they only become available when they are selected by the user. This way the screen would remain visually simple, until one is ready for more complexity. Putting the use of any added features under the user's control is VERY high on my list.



Great programme at an even better price :)

Really helpful for testing out strategies and trying out trades that you are not certain enough about to go live on.

The ability to move between live and sim modes is wonderful and the log a real help when looking back on trades.

TSim for me is the answer to my problems with Interactive Brokers TWS software.

TSim is a simulator that uses a Futures feed from IB, and has a lot of useful functions including working out the profit for the session before and after commissions. The average win and loss for the session, and a lot of other useful functions.

You can buy in and have a stop and target automatically set for you. This is really useful as to do the same thing in TWS is a nightmare.

TSim has now got a live mode for trading the market direct, and this has made my life a lot easier.

Overall, a great program that I can’t fault.

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