The Complete Guide to Non-Directional Trading

The Complete Guide to Non-Directional Trading

Heinrich A. Weber, Ph.D. & Kermit C. Zieg, Jr. Ph.D.
Paperback / eBook
Jan 1, 2007
Traders Press
If you fall into the age-old trap of believing that market success comes from predicting whether a stock or market will rise or fall, this book will prove an eye-opening and mind-expanding revelation on a new way of trading that you have never considered before!

The hard part of investing is predicting which way a stock or market will move. The premise of this book is that one no longer needs to predict the DIRECTION of future price movement to make money.

Publisher’s Foreword

Ever since becoming conversant with the concept of options and the many strategies which may be employed by using them in various combinations, I’ve been fascinated with the concept that many of these strategies, if evaluated at expiration, result in the potential of profits over a wide range of prices for the underlying instrument, whether prices move up, down, or sideways. In order to profit, one need not be able to pinpoint the direction or extent of price movement during the time period in question, but merely bracket a wide range of prices outside of which the underlying will NOT move. This book is intended to be a working guide and a comprehensive reference for those traders to whom the non-directional style of trading appeals. It is our hope that it will serve to broaden the awareness of the benefits of non-directional trading to those who have not engaged in it before, and to broaden the knowledge of available strategies for those who have.

An important point to note is that the authors of this book “walk the walk”…it is not written by academic theorists, but by actual practitioners of the principles of which they write. To me, this is a major factor to consider when evaluating the value to a book to potential readers who intend to use the ideas discussed in the “real market”…the advice given is far more valuable when coming from others who have “been there.”

Edward D. Dobson, President
Traders Press®
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