TeleChart is a highly acclaimed data and charting package. It comes in several different variations, each with a considerable number of additional services and resources.

NB: Also listed in the Charting Software Reviews section is TeleChart's (TC) sister product - aptly entitled 'TC-Companion'
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Very Nice Charting Package but NO distribution adjusted Charts for ETFs and Stocks

TC2000 is a very nice package to use for scanning, maintaining watchlists and charting. Unfortunately, they DON'T adjust their data and charts to reflect distributions for ETFs and stocks; only mutual funds. If you rely on technical analysis for your trading, your indicators will be noticably skewed and produce inaccurate signals. To me, this was a deal breaker and I discontinued using the program. Good luck with your trading. Peace!

stunning charts and accurate analysis

TC2000 is an end of day (EOD)programme for the US market. You get a free CD containing all the back data, and you can play with this for free. When you activate your account ($29.95 per month) you can update the database to the end of the previous day. You can update at anytime of day with 20 min delayed data which is a useful way to see if any trades you have identified from the previous days eod data have triggered.

The range of indicators is limited, but recent improvements include Fibs (retracements, fans and arcs), linear regression, as well as the usual range of MACD, RSI, stochastics etc.

The real power of the system comes from the sorting tools which allow you to screen for stocks that meet your own criteria, so you can screen for all Nasdaq stocks that have consolidated into a pennant, or all pharmaceuticals that show an "island bottom", or rank all Russell 2000 stocks as a a %age of their 52 week high etc. The possibilities are endless.

The inbuilt screen only allows for testing on the last day of data so you cannot run a backtest. However there is a bolt-on extra called "TC Companion" that allows backtesting along the lines of Tradestation, but at "beer" prices!

I had a few difficulties when I reformatted my HDD and the backup staff couldn't have been more helpful, getting me up and running again very quickly. As an eod package for the US market i think TC2000 would be hard to beat.
TC2000 End of Day

I use TC2000 to scan for US stocks on a nightly basis. The scans take about 10 minutes to do, as the program has to scan through nearly 8000 charts.

The program is really designed for people who write their own scans, which is generally easy to do, and it can scan based on a lot of various criteria.

As a technical analysis program, the trendline drawings are hard to do and it doesn’t have any Fibonacci tools but as I say it is a scanning program and not a technical analysis product. However flicking from one chart to the next is very quick.

At £20 a month, it does a lot and I would find it hard going if I had to do without it.

FTSE Beater
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