Be warned. QT may stop their services at some stage soon

Got the news from the QT board.


You might want to consider them before you choose your platform. something to do with a merge with thinkorswim. My rating dates before I heard this news though, because I have very good experiences with QT and I hate to see them go.
Medved QuoteTracker

Considering it's free you can't really get much better.

From my experience they'll even add streams you have access to if they're not part of the program already
super freebe

I love this site, ITS FREE. The charts are fantastic and you can have an order entry thru your own broker on the same site has an awful lot of good stuff free level ll quotes mutipl charts at one time. I use 2 screens I have on one screen 24 mini charts all opened at one time with all of the major indices along with a watch list that is very complete. On the other screen I have my trade window open with 7 charts all synced toghether level ll time and sales with around 50 major indicators to choose from for customizing your charts with edit avalibility I highly recomend this for new and old traders I run my open about 16 - 18 hours a day to see pre market and post market and ITS FREE support is all email they will usully respond in minutes not hours or days they take very good care of you but be careful these guys are all pc geeks and they may talk over your understaning so be very careful how you word your emails. Give en a try after all there FREE that means no money out of your pocket, ever, because there FREE.
MedVed QT

Excellent piece of software that comes with good support and a forum to assist users with questions, inform customers of new features and 3rd party add-ons.

The software does exactly what it says it will do.

Here is a link to the forum:
Medved QuoteTracker

Excellent. Free, fairly easy to use. Does it work for UK stocks? can't remember, as my focus is US. But overall, top notch.
Quote Tracker is Excellent

This is a truly amazing piece of software that is constantly being upgraded. The only real drawbacks I can find are, that as a UK user, only ADVFN offers the option to stream live prices. However, the benefit of the program is that I never get booted off the stream and re-queued when I use Quote Tracker which happens every sixty seconds on average otherwise.

The other drawback is my biggest bugbear - I cannot get it to work behind the firewall and proxy server at work. Believe me I have tried but have to admit that I probably know insuffient techy stuff to do this.

Everything else is excellent although in the UK there are a few limitations on the wider scope of the software. The auto-sorting of columns is another nice touch - sometimes if you take your eye off the screen the changes go un-noticed. With Auto Sort the stocks which are moving can be picked out at the top of the list (or bottom if you are having a bad day and not short). This feature can be set by the user.

Medved QuoteTracker

QuoteTracker’s main strength is its support for over 70 market data/broker feeds some of which are free. It has a solid range of charts, indicators and studies with data querying (not DDE) from Excel if more is required. Multiple monitor windows can be opened and configured with pretty much everything you would want to see including a good L2 screen. Integrated trade input is improving with InteractiveBrokers recently added. With nice inbuilt links to research, news and historical data, this application seems to accomplish a lot using few system resources. Probably the only bad point is backfilling of missing intraday data, which is inconsistent even if your chosen provider is one of the few that actually supports this feature.

Technical support is excellent with many questions being answered sometimes within minutes of mailing the support team. For many traders QuoteTracker will be a good first step.
Medved QuoteTracker

Amazing program that is FREE. If you register with Scottrade (which is also free) you can then get free real time data for upto 10 US stocks. Of course you can also pay money to various people to access more data if you want.

The one drawback to this program is that you can only view the current day's data. Great for intraday traders but not so great if you want to look at anything longer term.

CHARTS FOR FREE! But you can pay if you like it

Seems to do about everything and links to the IB feed amongst others, for live tick by tick charting. Open all the charts you like at the same time. Loads of knobs and whistles available with a right-click on the chart. Haven't tried any other charting packages so can't really compare, but I don't need anything more so not likely to!

Back fill data seems a bit hard to come by for futures
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