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HQuote Pro

Cost effective for those who don't need real time intraday data

It is a fantastic product, if you need both EOD & intraday data database maintained(NOT REALTIME) for TA.

My only concerns are lack of responsive support & the on going intraday data availability outages. Yes I have received support from them however, today it seems the email address I had used to contact support isn't valid.

If they address the issues of intraday data availability & support I for one would like to purchase additional licenses.

Nice program. Easy to use. Also easy to download. The only negative are:

1. Company does not reply to any questions. They are in Russia and have not replied to 6 of my requests.
2. The program adjusts for dividends - even though they do not mention it in their program and appears no way to stop it.

The program works well, but since I must have data w/o dividend adjustments, I cannot use it.

If you can get along with this problem, then the price is good.