Go Gecko

Go Gecko

Much better than vector

I been using vectorvest and wizetrade together and been getting very frustrated, i tried this for the past few months and it has proven alot less frustrating. Ive had 27% over the past 3 months.

I've been using GoGecko since June 2005 and basically view it as a gray box. I have used other software like Omnitrader in the past but found them to be too vague in terms of the direction they provided. In GoGecko you set up the parameters-stock price, markets, volume, entry and exit alerts, exchanges etc that you are interested in and the software scans and produces examples of those items (in my case, stocks) that you have flagged. It provides % of profitable trades for these stocks over the past 3 years, fundamental data, current reports and just about anything you would want to know about a particular stock. It provides banking, portfolio tracking, quick charts, a watch list and quite a number of analysis tools-RSI, CPMA and CMA as 3 examples. It produces 10 highest volume stocks, 10 highest value stocks, lowest price and highest price within adjustable time frames.

It is not a black box. It simply provides you with a plethora of information from which you still have to make the decision in terms of buy and sell. What it does do well is to save you a lot of time in terms of researching stocks. I also use it to confirm possible buys that I have identified by myself.

It is a bit on the expensive side but I have been able to recover about 1/2 of the original cost in the time I have been using it based on the information provided by it.
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