AIQ TradingExpert Pro

AIQ TradingExpert Pro

AIQ's Expert offers the following features:


Streaming real-time data, candlesticks, daily, weekly. Plus the unique color barometer with a snapshot of every indicator. Build lists of tickers to chart from simple to complex. Even overlay one ticker on another.

Advanced Drawing Tools

Trend lines, parallel lines, Gann, Fibonacci, regression to start with. Add text and arrows to charts or indicators.

Spreads, Overlays, and Zoom

For close in analysis AIQ offers 2 types of zoom tool or how about expanding drawing tools into the right hand side of the chart for what/if scenarios. You can also add an overlay and then perform spread analysis between 2 tickers.

Strategy Design and Creation

AIQ's Expert Design Studio and Portfolio Simulator allow both novice and expert investors to fine-tune their trading strategy real time or end of day.

Real-Time System Alerting

Alerts for multiple trading systems and/or multiple time frames can be sent to your pager, e-mail or just have it play an audio file. You can even build color studies or define your own indicators.

Trading barometer and saving real-time data

Easily apply trading systems, alerts or studies to a whole monitor of tickers. Just watch the barometer change color when your tickers hit the buy/sell rules. Save unlimited real time data then run back tests at will and off line.
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AIQ EOD and Realtime

I've been using AIQ for about a year. My main motivation for buying it was that I wanted to use the EDS part of the package for system testing/backtesting.

I gave up on the realtime charting because it was unreliable although I really liked the Alarms function, very nice to use.

The TA functions are as good as you could ask for but the big drawback for me in comparision with something like Sharescope is that it's charts are very poor, no ability to change the colour of up and down candles for example.

I use the EDS screens every evening at it is a very reliable and stable piece of software. The uploading of dats is by no means as slick as Sharescopes though. Also the weekly additional update is a pain.

Overall I like it but the SS/Pfscan combo is a better buy.
AIQ end of day

I also use AIQ v.6.0 for EOD analysis. Excellent pyramid structure to identify winning sectors, and shares within those sectors. More indicators than you will ever need, plus the usual array of Fib retracements, Fib fans etc.

The best feature, in my opinion, is the ability to set up a group of shares for which the system then calculates market breadth data which can been charted as a range of indicators. This has been invaluable for picking tops and bottoms, and I am not aware of any other s/w that will do this.

The weekly data maintence file ensures that the vast majority of rogue data is removed and corrected, and share splits, name changes and new issues are automatically entered, as are changes in the ftse 100 constituents.

Unfortunately you are not able to run 2 versions of AIQ on the same PC so that you can have both UK and USA on the same PC. You need a 2nd pc or use an alternative package for the USA - I use TC2000.

Probably a bit pricey now when compared with the competition, but the structure of the database, the market breadth indicators and the pyramid structure of groups/sectors/stocks got me in and out of tech stocks at the right time, and into banks, tobacco and breweries at the end of the tech boom, so what more can I ask?

I have tried the r/t version, but was less pleased with that, and again it is a bit pricey when compared with the competition. But for a first class EOD system, AIQ is still a package with which I remain pleased.
AIQ Trading expert Pro

Comprehensive package, easy to use but has the odd bug re deleting trendlines on realtime charts. ( may be fixed now) Has excellent strategy backtesting facilities for EOD traders. Not easy to integrate USA /UK stocks but again that may have changed. MyTrack EOD data feed was far too unreliable to be of serious use. You will need to get your data from Prestel. 99.999% accurate. Supports sector analysis and top down selection. Served me well for nearly 3 years,albeit a tad expensive overall. I switched to Sierra purely on cost effectiveness as I only trade DOW/ES now.

For current pricing check updates/error corrections are provided by AIQ's UK agent at £49 per anum.This handles splits, renaming of stocks,etc.etc.
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