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Active Trader is the premier source for trading strategies, news, analysis and educational resources. It is the flagship magazine (and the only paid for publication) from the publishers of Currency Trader and Futures & Options Trader.
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not very active, it's dead jim

checked out its website, says it has ceased publishing Dec 2014
Good Magazine for Retail Traders

They carry a wide variety of contect about current markets consitions as well as different trading strategies.
Good for all traders

This is a great magazine for traders, lot of useful information and trading strategies that can help Newbies as well as experience traders.

While I maintain subscriptions to both TASC and Active Trader my preference is to Active Trader. Active Trader places more focus on Trading Strategies; with Trade Diary and the Trading System Lab my favourite sections in the magazine. The writing is clearer than in TASC although TASC strips away writing 'fluff' in favour of hard statistics. Although if I was looking for something to read on the train I would grab my monthly copy of Active Trader.
Good alternative to Traders

I get this on monthly subscription as as with a lot of the US magazines the delivery is a bit dodgy sometimes. Occasionally two months will turn up at once and so on.

However, overall I find it a good read - not too anal and all articles well written (OK I'm slightly biased - I write for them sometimes). Not too expensive either, even with the shipping. Worth a look.
Great Read

This is one of the best trading magazines, quite informative and interesting for active trades, easy to read and often very entertaining.
Active Trader magazine

Nice, useful magazine. Accessible articles, aimed at an audience of less hardcore technical analysts than TASC. Has covered some interesting aspects that I haven't seen in other magazines, such as an analysis of trading by time of day, on the NYSE.

On the other hand, some of the articles tend slightly towards superficiality - there's not the depth of analysis there, that you might get with TASC.

Against that, I generally find that there's more of interest in there than a typical issue of TASC.

The delivery of issues is just as erratic as TASC as well - with both I've had nothing for 6 weeks and then 2 issues within days of each other

(it would be moderately useful to know if 1=bad, 5=good, or vice versa, when assigning scores! I've assumed 5=good)
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