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    Please put some screenshot so I can understand your TA.
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    Hot forex

    Driving that car must be awesome, if there is not dangers, I also want to be a racer as I play racing games at supermarket.
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    LMFX broker discussion

    it reached 10k and quickly fell to back 10k and now is 9k7, it's such a worthy pair to trade.
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    LMFX broker discussion

    Paypal doesn't have good exchange rate as Skrill. You should experience these by yourself.
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    LMFX broker discussion

    I use both Paypal and SKrill and I think their value are not same, You can get more value with 1 Skrill.
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    Why do I get phoned up by all these brokers in Cyprus?

    Ok, I think next time we should only provide real information enough to make payment with broker. Other personal information could bring more nuisances.
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    Hot forex

    Bitcoin trading or payment?
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    Why do I get phoned up by all these brokers in Cyprus?

    I think providing a wrong number is still ok. Anyone tried?
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    Hot forex

    Zulutrade seems are forgotten because of PAMM. Anyone here trading PAMM?
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    Which broker to choose from metadrader

    Is 2014 company reputable?
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    Hot forex

    Anyone tell me about CySec, I see many brokers are regulated by CySec. Can we trust this organization?
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    difference between Binary & forex trading

    I don't know how a binary brokers earn money through, can anyone explain for me about it?
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    Trading Platforms with Demo Accounts

    I think MT4 is still the best because it's most popular and supported from most brokers.
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    Do you need a trading platform?

    I also learned Java but time by time, I maybe forget it completely. Is it difficult to make EA with java coding?
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    New To Trading

    I am same, I think we should get over a Forex course.