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    Zulutrade affiliate program reviews and opinions

    Awesome. I even didn’t think that you can make something out of it having no clue about the affiliate marketing. Did I get it right, that zulutrade provides its partners with the unique link, and they are making own decision what to do next?
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    Zulutrade affiliate program reviews and opinions

    How can I promote zulutrade affiliate program offer if I don’t have special skills? I don’t know how to set up Google ads and make SEO. I’m just a regular trader, who is interested in some additional income: )
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    Is this a good investment strategy?

    In this particular case personally for me, the most important factor would be to have "good stocks" in a pocket :) It is not as important on how many presents the price dropped down, as these are really successful companies with a perfectly established business. Maybe my position id too old...
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    When is the best time to trade for beginners?

    If you need something quite peaceful, it is better to choose the European session (7 pm-12 am GMT). Not the beginning and not the end, but the period in the middle. Of course, following news and avoiding trading during the release of important news. Actually, you can trade during the American...
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    How to do a full fundamentals analysis on a stock/bond?

    The Intelligent Investor by Graham was my first book on the investments (I do not count the books about speculative trading). I liked it a lot, and I think that many moments are still relevant now. I didn't pay attention to the drafting style dryness :) I don't really can go deeper into the...
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    MAM, PAM accounts

    You can not follow the trading process itself in classic PAMM and MAM accounts. You can only see the chart of the trader's assets changes. PAMM is probably the most closed system of fiduciary management, that is why it is the most unreliable. Actually, I share the concerns of NVP on this matter...
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    How do you size your position when adding to existing positions?

    I would definitely not go with the last scenario from three offered here. If we are trading in longterm for the purchase during the rising trend, it is not that profitable in my opinion to be bought by the last deal with a higher volume than previous. Scenario implies, that the first deal will...
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    How do you identify trend?

    Generally, I draw trading lines and channels. Actually, I trade following the trend not that often, but sometimes I need to define its direction. I don't really like the indicators, the information they give is any way in the chart. Also, I like to follow the situation on different timeframes...
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    Process Plan vs. Trading plan

    When I was just learning trading I read a lot of literature, including management related, trading process organization, planning. And for a few times, I came across such a concept as "trading plan". This is not the same thing as a trading strategy, this is different stuff. It is expected, that...
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    How good are you at trading - just be honest

    I started to trade for the first time more than 5 years ago...That was Forex, I traded without any system, intuitively. I thought that I feel the market, but in reality, I played Russian roulette. Eventually, it was supposed to end up by the full wipe out, but I was smart enough to start...
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    Risk Reward Myth

    Actually, it is not always expected to establish take profit a few times higher than stop-loss. Everything depends on the trade system. I saw repeatedly the reports with the results of trades from professional traders (generally that were assets managers), which clearly showed that they trade...
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    Bitcoin sharing the stage with gold and silver?

    That would be awesome, but the thing is that the bearish trend is over before it even really started :) Of course maybe something got laid in crypto at that moment...At least bitcoin is going up, rather than down already for three months. ..However, it was quiet during the summer, and then again...
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    Is my understanding of CFD trading correct?

    Yep, in general, you've got the essence of CFD right. Important nuance - you cannot be in red while CFD trading. Even with 20 pounds capital with the up to 100 pounds. As far as J_C_Anderson concerned, the broker will take care of the capital protection at the level of 80%. Despite CFD is...
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    How many instruments do you trade?

    Now, when I'm focused on longterm investments, of course, I deal with different tools on different markets. First of all, it is stocks of the stock exchange market, lately, I started buying cryptocurrencies, and there is something left for Forex :) When I was trying systematically speculate, I...
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    Looking for a broker that trade BTCUSD in weekend and accept bitcoin for deposit

    But now there obviously shouldn't be any problems with it :) Almost all the crypto exchanges are bidding 24/7 including fiat money as well. On the same Binance, for example, volumes are through the roof during the weekends. It is not like futures funds that are opened only during business days...