What is a featured article

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A different featured article appears on the front page every week and should:

  • Exemplify Traderpedia's best work and represent what Traderpedia offers that is unique on the Internet.
  • Be comprehensive, factually accurate, stable, and well-written.
    • Comprehensive: Covers the topic in its entirety; does not omit any major facts or details.
    • Accurate: Supports facts with specifics, references and external citations where appropriate.
    • Stable: Should be mostly static, and not change rapidly from day to day.
    • Well-written: Compelling, even "brilliant" prose.
  • Be uncontroversial in its neutrality and factual accuracy, and not have ongoing edit wars.
  • Comply with the standards set in the style guide, such as having a lead section which is brief but sufficient to summarise the entire topic, structured headings and have a substantial, but not overwhelming table of contents.
  • Have images where appropriate, with good captions and acceptable copyright status. However, an article does not have to have a picture to be featured.
  • Have an appropriate length. It should stay tightly-focused on the main topic without going into unnecessary detail, using summary style to cover sub-topics in other articles.*

*Some people feel that if not enough can be said about the article's subject to reach a certain length, it should in most cases be merged into another article. However, excellent short articles are also accepted.