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I'm concerned about the reference to red and green candlesticks in this article. In the majority of books candlestick bodies are referred to as being 'clear' or 'solid'. How you want to colour them red/green, pink/blue, black/white etc, is down to the individual, but I think we should have some consistency in this. After all this is a section that will be read by a lot of newbies - we don't want to confuse.


Jill, I'd agree with you - we should be consistent across all related articles, and it makes sense to follow the lead of the majority of books, as I take your point that the software often determins the colours and we can't assume they use red/green as standard. We should aim to replace the terms with those you've suggested (we can always put a note somewhere explaining that solid/clear are often coloured x/y etc). --Sharky 14:34, 24 Jul 2005 (BST)