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[edit] Confession

Good morning,

One doesn't start a pool for no fee without an overwhelming desire to help people, or, to make money by theft and fraud. I have known Paul and some others through t2w for a few years now and would like to believe in that time, and that coupled with the fact I am still here, answering mails and not legged it, that you would have thought I fell into the former category.

The problem with this approach, is when one fails after such a good run, he doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news, let people down and fail for all who had such high hopes. Ego falls into the equation too an I won't deny that after everything, that also helped in my downfall.

I am scum, I'll happily admit it, as Oliver pointed out prior, good intentions lie upon the road to hell (or something similar) and ever since the peak of the account (which did happen, I don't even own photoshop, all I changed were the account numbers), it has been a downward spiral in my trading, my life and the pool. 15 years on and off, and right now, the markets are making absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

I messed up, over leveraged, over traded and lost virtually everything. The 50% max drawdown rule was ignored as I didn't want to fail and let people down and since then over the last 5-6 weeks all I have done is di myself into a deeper whole, lieing to buy time to try and repair the mistakes made and the losses incurred. I have been trying my hardest to trade all hours and recoup what I lost as the markets, personal and other problems ruined my judgment and abilities.

Hotch was right, I blew up and have been trying to climb back out and whilst there are no excuses for my behaviour, only reasons, you have all the right in the world to proceed with whatever action you so wish for my lies, deceit and pretending to make repayments as there is not enough to repay all investments, and to Nic too, but I never made fraudulent statements to raise more capital, nor is there any future ventures in my life that will involve others money. Over the last 6 weeks, I have failed, and I just didn't have the guts to admit it.

Despite all this, Paul's idea of perhaps a group debt collection action for the investments made, which I owe you all, as the losses beyond the worst case scenario of £2500 per share were my fault entirely, to which I hold my hands firmly up for, could be retracted through an agency, per contracts, and I will repay the agency, over a time which I can. That much I owe you all.

I may be guilty of many things throughout this, but I am not a crook, I just failed and didn't want to admit it, every day hoping today I would be able to make good of the money I assured I could repay. You will not understand how bad I feel for letting people down this way as I started all this to help people, not for profit, but, unfortunately I am not even close to the trader I hoped I was and can no longer continue trying to climb out this hole.

I can only apologise sincerely and profusely for my failure, lies and lack of payments. I never wanted this mail to happen or to not achieve goals, but I have to admit I can not achieve what I wanted as it is unfair on you all. Only 4 people received their investments back as that was all I had spare at the time which came to a total of £1000. If I had the money, I would not be answering mails and not paying, this is no fun for me nor you. If the debt repayment agency idea will not work, then I shall endeavour to make back the funds lost and repay all as an when I can earn it.

I will leave it in your hands to take whatever actions you feel necessary. As said before, I only had good intentions throughout, and still do, I just didn't account for being such a failure.

Yours ashamedly,

[edit] Denial (a river in Egypt)

Once upon a time, a bored retail trader was lustful for education. Through 4 forums, 3 chatrooms a photobucket and own forum, he yearned to find some decent discussion on the action of CBs, IBs, HFs and the herd in relation to price action and not find a niche, but truly understand. His efforts went mostly in vain except for one or two people and had an idea instead. 'why not teach and make money at the same time'.

A good idea he thought, as did others and as the recession rolled over the land, it would be a good little earner. Laws were checked, rules were sured unbroken and pieces of paper signed to cover the taxmans probing eyes. Away it went, a small pool like a lottery syndicate at the office, off the tax records and and all gambling in eyes of the law.

Everyone agreed and everyone understood this was to run till December and one person would be doing all the work. Everything was to be kept hush-hush as to not alert authorities who would love a loop-hole to make us pay. Alls well that started well, the trader worked alongside his own trading, 24hours a day, 5 days a week and then at the weekends, sacrificing Saturday mornings to neatly annotate charts and Sunday evenings to chat with all members. Once every fortnight, then monthly, he updated everyone with the latest information of his, and their progression.

After a while, rumours spread amongst the pool and on a trading forum about how one member thought it was all a con... It was at this time the trader had to start protecting himself, the pool members and the account itself. He felt obligated to protect the pool and edited over the account numbers with stars, so as no access could be made to said account by a coked up ex-member with access to information not privy to him thanks to some.

Thanks to this ex member, 2 others decided it was time to leave and so they did. It was around this time the trader, thinking of his own career, and whilst out drinking with a friend, decided to look at the possibility of starting a Hedge fund. Proper, licensed and with decent money and he mentioned this to the pool, in case anyone fancied a long term investment too. A month or so later, they decided a prop route was a much better future and the licence application was duly cancelled.

So as the trader entered the 6th month, more and more confidential and private information entered the public foray. Statements, e-mails, excel ideas and private messages. Not just private but on forums and the accusations began. Whist in London, a week after a bad night out on tequila and nurafen, he decided to see, just who was appreciative and sent a message to a few members to see if they would help out their trader. Only one offered, no questions asked, offering to hand deliver if he could, and all this too ended up all over the web.

Over the following weeks, more statements were sent but this time just slightly tweaked, just to see who was the guilty parties and what would happen. All the trader ever wanted was to make a bunch of people some money and teach in the process but alas, sheep are more common than humans with independent thought.

The trader, distraught, hurt, ridiculed and slated, in public, was taken a back, hurt that the people he was only trying to help decided to distrust and slag him off so.

Somewhere along the line, some of the members forgot, that our trader is UNPAID, NON PROFESSIONAL and has his own life and family issues to contend with. On pointing out such factors, along with the points that slagging him off, in public and calling him a conman, does not help things, it was called emotional blackmail and a few other members emailed privately to say they had even stopped reading the mails, still had their same trust, faith and views, and were embarrassed and ashamed to be associated and involved with such unruly and unkind behaviour.

Yet here he sits, at the other end of an email address and skype (for some), not vanished, not on shores far away and not spending the money he either lost, stole, used or abused (I lost track of which is latest) but no, trading, helping his family and trying to live himself, whilst orchestrate the pool.

He closed the pool, and told all in a private chat yet still, that very same weekend, hours old information ended up all over the internet, again. Stressed, pissed off, hurt, gutted and offended, he decided to take things as slow as possible and put himself first, and the pool second for the first time in 8 months as only a handful of people had ever sincerely said thanks, cheers for the updates, wow, such hard work, I trust you as crooks sod off with money, keep going, great stuff and sorry for the rest, it would be better if they got no profits they way they have acted.

People have waited too long for something they could have had immediately but the more inconsiderate they acted, the more they slagged me off, accused me of conning, theft and false statements (other than to catch people out), the more it cost time to all, although it was supposed to be for a further 7 weeks. Internet slander does NOT make me do things quicker.

I am in the process of paying all, there are no more future HF's or pools or dynamic whatevers, all I ever wanted was to help out a few people and make us all some money, for free, in my time, out of the goodness of my heart, and you ruined it, not me.

If I can be left in peace for 5 minutes and not read all about me over the internet for a single day, then I might get a chance to finish this. I had to spend 4 hours chatting to Sharky the other night, then Bulldozer, and finally Baron and now glad to be sure of some facts and even more sure I want to wash my hands of this quicker than you.

So I will say this one last time, I am UNPAID, UNPROFESSIONAL and did this all in MY OWN FREE TIME and still in Brighton, not far, far away. I never asked for anything (no Hotch, you wouldn't get the Olsen twins) yet what did I get, 5 months of abuse, slander and accusations that once you are all in profit, can never be taken back, changed or revoked. The damage done. The only reason things were edited was because certain ISP holders couldn't keep their paranoia and inbox private and when this is not a job, what would you think in my place.

I am sure you will all spend the day slagging me off and turning this around on me but hopefully like the other half the pool, some of you may realise just how inconsiderate, ungrateful and unappreciative you have been to someone who has gone out of their way to help, unpaid, in own time with own life. All will be paid, this week, all when convenient and not dealing with internet abuse and slander, (like would have been Monday/Tuesday if you could have been patient for 3 minutes) and if you do not like this, sue me.

I will now take time out of my day and miss a good run so as to pop to the bank for all of you and finish this and maybe, just maybe, spend my weekend visiting with friends who have a mutual respect.

No, btw, I won't reply, I have banking, trading and family to do and see and hope by COB this week, I won't have to hear from any of you again.