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This FAQ answers the most common questions about editing Traderpedia.


[edit] How do I edit a page?

It's quite simple. Simply click the "Edit this page" tab located at the top of the page or the other edit link across from headings on the right hand side of the page, and type away. See the Help section to learn about making links, using bold and italics, linking to images, and many other things...

[edit] How do I make links?

A link is just the name of the page surrounded by double square brackets. It's also possible to make the link display text that is different from that of the link itself:
[[page name]]
[[page name]]s -- suffix text will display as part of the link
[[page name|display name]] -- the piped link: hide the page name and display something else (but use this sparingly, and never "click here"!)
[[page name (disambiguation)|]] -- the "pipe trick": the part in parentheses will not be displayed.
NB You don't need to put underscores ("_"), to act as space separators, like you see in links. Spaces will work fine.

[edit] How do I link to other Trade2Win content

Because URLs can sometimes change, breaking web page links, a specific code has been created for use in linking to content elsewhere on the Trade2Win site.
Forum: [[T2WForum:##|xxx]]
Substitute the ## for the forum number, which can be found by looking at the f= number at the end of the forum's URL. The xxx is the name of the forum, or any other text you would like displayed. For example [[T2WForum:87|Options]] links to the Options forum and would be displayed as Options.
Thread: [[T2WThread:##|xxx]]
Substitute the ## for the thread number, which can be found by looking at the t= number at the end of the forum's URL. The xxx is the name of the forum, or any other text you would like displayed. For example [[T2WThread:15850|Sluggish Market & Ant Theory]] links to the Options forum and would be displayed as Sluggish Market & Ant Theory .
Knowledge Lab: [[T2WKLab:name|xxx]]
Replace "name" with the name of the KL topic, such as "options" to point to a general category. For example [[T2WKLab:options|Knowledge Lab]] would appear as Knowledge Lab.
Alternately, one could replace "name" with an actual article. An example of this would be [[T2WKLab:why-trade|Why Trade?]], which would appear as Why Trade?. To get the system name of an article, look to the last part of the main page's URL after the last "/". For example, the name of the article for Swing Trading: Rules and Philosophy, which is located at, would be "swing-trading-rules-and-philosophy".

[edit] How do I rename a page?

We recommend that only users with a little bit of editing history under their belt move a page; this moves the page content and edit history to a new title, and creates a redirecting page at the old title. This method is better than just copying and pasting the content by hand, as it preserves the article's history, as required by our license. Use the "Move this page" link. Once you have moved a page, please click the "What links here" and fix the links to the old page (which will be labelled as a redirect in the "What links here" list).
Images and other media files cannot be renamed. You may save a copy of the file to your computer, rename it there, and then upload it with the new name. Fix any links to the old file to point to the new one, then tag the old file with an "images for speedy deletion" tag: copy the template {{isd|New image name}} into the image's description page (filling in the new image name). This will add it to the Images for Deletion category, and an admin will delete it for you.

[edit] How do I delete a page?

In order to help protect the Traderpedia content from abuse, you can't. Although it is possible to blank articles by editing them, they will swiftly be restored from the previous version. Not only is it pointless but also against Traderpedia policy and likely to earn you a warning or ban.
Pages can only be permanently deleted by administrators.
If you feel a page deserves to be deleted then please voice your concerns on the Votes for deletion page.

[edit] How do I edit a redirect page?

The easiest way to edit the redirected page is to click on the link you see at the top of the page after being redirected: "redirected from ...".

[edit] How long should the ideal article be?

Since one can link from page to page to page, then how long should the ideal Wikipedia article be? A good rule of thumb would be less than 5000 words, unless the subject really, really needs much exposition. However, for a subject that is that complex, one can link several shorter articles together, using a hub page to tie all articles together.
For example:
History of Foo
Description of Foo
Relationship with Bar
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If you write one long article, you will need new headlines anyway. If you write a long paragraph, then you need to add new linebreaks. The structure of Traderpedia is a web, instead of a text that you read linearly.

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[edit] How do I determine what other users have changed in an article?

Traderpedia's software can produce a list of all the changes between two versions of an article (either between two consecutive versions, or between an old and the current version), laid out in two-columns side by side with changes highlighted. From the Recent Changes page you can click the "diff" link; from an article page itself click "Page history", then "cur" or "last" to see changes.
To see the differences between two arbitrary versions of an article, see Wikipedia:URLs.

[edit] How can I put pictures on my pages?

First, you need the right to publish the picture under the [GNU Free Documentation License]. This means that either you created the picture and therefore own the copyright, or it is in the public domain. If the picture is located on a server you control, you can refer to that image from your wiki page by simply including its URL, like this:
and it will be included. (Note it will only be linked, not displayed.) If instead you want to upload a picture to, you can use special:upload as a logged-in user and once it is uploaded, you can refer to it in your wiki pages as above, by including its file name :[[image:NameOfImage.png|Alternate Text]].

[edit] How can I delete uploaded items?

Only administrators can delete uploads, but anyone can upload a new item with the same name, thereby replacing the old one.

[edit] How do I describe images?

Click on the image to get the description page. Also, when you upload the file everything you put in the upload summary is placed into the image description page.