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The Traderpedia

Welcome to the Traderpedia, we are currently working on 795 articles since our launch in June 2005.

The Traderpedia is an educational and reference resource for traders, covering potentially any topic one can think of related to trading and the markets. It's ongoing development is thanks to the efforts of the Trade2Win membership who contribute their knowledge and experience to these pages.

If you seek information, you can start with one of the main topic areas listed below. The search mechanism is also available to those looking for something specific. Should you find a term lacking a definition or explanation, or feel you can positively contribute to making it better, please do so. Each page has an edit feature allowing you to make your own additions and changes.

You may refer to the help page for assistance, discuss particular pages using the discussion tab in the header, or address general questions in the Traderpedia forum.

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STOP PRESS!!! Help us create the definitive list of trading categories, to facilitate browsing the wiki.--Sharky 18:02, 28 Jun 2005 (BST)

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