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What is Traderpedia?

As the name suggests, Traderpedia is an encyclopedia for traders, written collaboratively by members of Trade2Win. The important distinction between Traderpedia and conventional information sources is that Traderpedia can be expanded and improved by any member who wishes to do so. Thus you are all warmly invited to make changes to existing articles and/or create new articles, as you wish. In this way, the currently youthful Traderpedia has great potential to mature and grow into a comprehensive information resource to the benefit of all members.

How can I help?

Don't be afraid to edit pages on Traderpedia — anyone can edit, and we encourage members to be bold! Find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, then fix it. Or create a brand new article on a subject with which you are familiar, whether it be the smallest technical indicator or a rigorous critique of efficient market theory. Worried about breaking Traderpedia? Don't be: it can always be fixed or improved later, as a record of all changes to a page is kept and old pages can be restored if necessary. So go ahead, create a new article or edit an existing one and help make Traderpedia the best source of information for traders on the Internet!

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