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Here at Trading Strategies I refuse to con anyone into thinking that trading is an easy career option and that "with just 5 minutes per day" you can "make a fortune".

However, with the help and guidance of myself and other traders on my site you can develop yourself into a highly successful trader.

It is my mission is to provide you with the information and trading strategies, and mental ability you need to make better, well informed trading decisions maximising your business potential.

Although I am biased, my site is excellent. I am sure that you will find many gems both on the main site and through out the forums. If you find it's not for you then I also appreciate that, as you need to find a strategy that's comfortable for you.

You will find (hopefully) an excellent resource for your learning and trading education, and what I consider most important of all is that I bridge the gap between theory and practical trading realities. Showing you in real time how I trade.



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Mar 15, 2013

Spend some time with Phil, you wont regret it.

Spent 2 years in the room. I was there during some extremely difficult times in the market and Phil always recorded the results 100% accurately. Phil was profitable overall in the time I was in the room. I learned the hard grind of trading and have been able to go out on my own and start trading my own collection of profitable semi-mechanical systems.

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