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May 01, 2014

FatProfits tried in the past but found better one now a days.

I was there member during 2009-2011 and did make good money but after 2011 they just got bad. Now a days I am trying this trends2trade.com and its working way above my expectation.
Let me make it clear I am not affliated or paid by trends2trade.com Just mentioning them as I am really happy with service and if someone want to check them they areoffering some sort of free silver membership. One of their recent trade I took.


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Apr 27, 2014

never subscribe to anything from anyone without due diligence.

what you have to understand is what they mean by fat prophets.
they mean fat profits for themselves from your subscriptions.
not that ive subscribed.and who on earth pays up for years in advance,you deservedley get screwed.welcome to the game and let it be your first lesson.

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Apr 26, 2014

Who needs them anyway

Almost become a member 2004 or there abouts. They gave me 1 month free trial and even though we were in a huge bull market at the time their results were not good enough for me to sign up. Plus had a few mates sign up and all they did was loose money while I was creaming it...lol'

Watch SMN.au. Am long from .02.

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Apr 15, 2014


used since last summer - new to investing - love their service, account manager extremely useful. naturally reluctant to pay to start with having used Money week before (useless). This is exactly what i was after and they even sorted me out a discount on 2 years. Cant say i follow all advice but the stocks i've had have done really well - especially songbird estates, norcros and Daejan holdings!

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Dec 24, 2013

What a disaster

FTSE 100 up nearly over 15% , FTSE 250 up nearly 40% since I joined their Platinum - personalised service - you cant get better ?- I lost money. how is that even possible. Promissed the world cost the Earth - now with the Ombudsman. To add insult to injury I paid upfront for three years - cant even get a refund for over two years unused subsription . Avoid at all costs

The Ombudsman has now agreed they mis sold their product and gave me bad avice - guess what - they havent abided by the binding agreement - are they in that much trouble ????

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Aug 10, 2013

Not what is said on the tin

Their real mission is to make their own wallets as fat as possible.....and anyone wanting to exercise their right to a refund is in for a very, very long wait. IMO these people cannot be trusted.

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May 05, 2013

over all very good

Yep some teething problems initially (mainly my fault).... but over all extremely useful service have made good returns over the last three years. Well-written reports long but well informed conservative in approach. Would recommend UK equities, aus equities report, and cfd report also good. Not having the time to do a lot of research this last few years so has saved me time. I had a good account manager, useful there when I needed him. Clearly these guys are on the ball and recommended good stock in these volatile times. Will definitely use them again.

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May 02, 2013

Absolutely Terrible

I have been a member of the CFD Trading Report for a year, and the returns are shocking. I agree with the feedback of the majority of reviews here. They use market entry orders for commodities and FX mainly and have dropped and share equities ( last was around Nov / Dec 2012 ). SMS service is slow, you can never get in remotely close the recommended entry. They do no trade management except once the trade reach 1:1. Very poor!

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Apr 07, 2013

Terrible Performance

I joined them in September 2012, since then I stopped live trading with them after 3 weeks as it became clear that there were more losers than winners, it is not safe to do anything other than paper trade. The recommendations have a very poor ratio, usually 1:1 but because they move their take profits in most cases, that ratio becomes null and void. They let the losing trades go to stop and close winners early. Some trades are little more than scalping, in 1 case a mere 22 pips. By the time the trade is signalled there is often little chance of getting in at the recommended price. They do not trade at all on Mondays but often send a trade late on a Friday meaning you have to hold it over the weekend increasing your chance of losing the trade due to gapping. They do not even trade with the company's real money, which to me says if the company doesn't trust their own traders why should you. The trades posted do not tell the real story, sure they look like winners but they are winners because they move the target, if they left the trades to run to TP there would be more losers. "Fat Prophets is unique for our dedication to transparency and accountability. Every closed trade recommendation that Fat Prophets has ever made is available for you to review. Whether we have won or lost, "

The reports on the website do not state the real picture, ie they do not state when the original take profit price was set therefore one cannot see the true picture of how many times trades were either cancelled or the take profit moved. If you ask for a refund you will be kept waiting for the statutory 8 weeks and get fobbed off time and time again, you will be extremely lucky to get a refund. My advice is save your money, start with Babypips and go learn how to trade yourself. Never follow blindly another person's recommendations

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Feb 27, 2013

Really Disappointed

I lost money with these guys for almost a year and thought it was just the market. I was given an opportunity to run the report side by side with another report and the truth was revealed. They are useless.

Just like Joseph below, I saw Fat Prophets declare wins when there was a loss and pretend losses never happened. I emailed a number of times to ask about recommendations that had suddenly disappeared and received no reply.

They also shared my personal details with other investment companies.

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