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My mission is to help you become a more successful trader. I will strive to accomplish this through my ongoing educational features in my two newsletters, and by continuing to provide you with market information and trading ideas that are straightforward and easy to understand.

—For the beginning to intermediate trader: My newsletters are a "must-have" futures market and educational guide for you. Most of you are seeking trading and market knowledge, and I will provide it. Those of you who have read my features know that I communicate ideas and sometimes-difficult concepts very clearly, so that even beginners can understand them.

—For the veteran traders with years of experience: You will receive the fresh trading ideas and that "second opinion" that you many times seek. Also, you may just get some needed "refreshers" on certain topics.

—For all traders: I will alert my newsletter subscribers, in advance, to the futures markets that look most promising regarding potentially profitable trading opportunities.

Country: United States

Website: http://www.jimwyckoff.com

Frequency: Daily

Subscription: USD $34.95 per month

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