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At least 20 hot tips a year
 - t1ps.com guarantees you 20 painstakingly researched and highly detailed new hot tips per year. Tom Winnifrith and the team of analysts at t1ps.com have over 90 years City experience behind them. That means that they are not only well-connected but have also learned from experience how to avoid the sort of mistakes less experienced investors might make and how to call the market correctly. When most papers were writing off gold as a useless yellow metal, t1ps.com was recommending gold stocks.

A great track record
 - over 9 years and 187 t1ps the average gain per t1p at t1ps.com is 34.59% and the average outperformance of the FT All Share is 35.92%, with an average holding period per stock of about 3 years. We are working extremely hard to continue to bring members a service offering great value for money!

Evil Knievil’s latest thoughts and trades
 - three times a week, read what Britain's most infamous bear raider, the bon viveur Evil Knievil, is thinking and trading. This diary appears ONLY on t1ps.com and contains ALL the latest long and short positions in the portfolio. Evil's fame is as a bear raider - one who makes his money from going short. But he uses the same skills going long as he does in shorting with the same devastating effect.

Full updates on all tips and 'SELL' advice
 - t1ps doesn't just recommend a stock and then leave you to fend for yourself. It's followed religiously for the tip's lifetime with instant comment on significant news, results, gossip or developments and we can alert you by email the moment the update is posted.

Webcasts with the CEOs of the growth companies we recommend
 - plus, on a regular basis - with legendary investors such as Nigel Wray and Mark Slater giving a unique insight into what they are buying.

A free ticket worth £49.99 to the UK's top investment show, Master Investor
 - as a t1ps.com member you can claim a FREE ticket to the Master Investor Show 2010, the UK 's top investment show, worth £49.99! Last year speakers included Pizza Express entrepreneur and channel 4 Chairman Luke Johnson, property tycoon Nick Leslau, fund manager and the UK's 60th wealthiest man Jim Mellon, and more. This is your chance to learn from such speakers, see Evil Knievil in the flesh, hear Nigel Wray's stock picks and also grill the senior management of 90+ interesting growth stocks and it takes place on 24th April in London. As a t1ps member you can get a front row seat for nothing!

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://t1ps.com

Frequency: At least 20 'hot tips' per annum

Subscription: GBP 73.00 per annum

Email: admin@t1ps.com

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