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The Trader's Journal - Asia Pacific's Preeminent Trading Magazine. The readers of Trader's Journal trade and/or manage the trading of futures, options, stock and derivatives. They include high net- worth individuals, professional traders and corporate and institutional money managers who are active trading in global stocks or derivatives markets. Although most readers are Asia's, Trader's Journal is circulate globally.

Trader's Journal helps readers understand the factors that affect futures prices, provides them with perspective on trends affecting the global marketplace and gives them information on how to maximize trading profits while minimizing risk. Each issue feature fundamental and technical trading strategies, updates on technical analysis techniques, technology and market news that affects traders. It also includes in-depth global market news, analysis of market prices, managed money and industry trends, new products, software and book reviews and more.

Trader's Journal is the industry's premiere publication devoted to educating and training serious traders on daily, weekly and long-term market analysis and strategies.


Publisher: DPR International

Country: Singapore


Frequency: Monthly

Subscription: USD $90.00 per annum

Ranked #12 of 23 Magazines


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Jan 18, 2007

Useful Magazine

Good articles and other related trading info. Very reasonable price.

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