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Established since 1996, Q-Data has been providing charting solutions to private investors and institutions. We have teamed up with some of the worlds best charting software providers. Linking their software with our excellent data service. Q-Data provides data feeds for use with a number of commercial charting packages such as:

  • Equis Metastock
  • Nivana Omnitrader
  • MTPredictor
  • Easysoft Market Master

Website: http://www.q-data.co.uk/

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May 15, 2003

Q-data service

For anyone who has had or is having "trouble" with their data provider I can thoroughly recommend the services provided by Q-data

I have found their customer service/support to be excellent (contact=Ruth)

They are also constantly offering new and improved features/services for both their data provision and the support functions

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